Facts about the Bilderberg group you never knew

Hotel De BilderbergAwareness of the Bilderberg Group worldwide is becoming more and more evident as each Bilderberg Group meeting takes place. Although the knowledge and understanding about the Bilderberg Group is still relatively low, the campaign that has been spearheaded by the alternative media against the Bilderberg Group has guaranteed that all Bilderberg Group meetings will no longer be held in secret and that their globalist agenda will always be exposed.

The news and information that we derive from the mainstream media, and to some extent the alternative media, is usually centred around the events of the Bilderberg Group meetings and their agenda.

However, for some strange and unknown reason, there has been little to no interest from both the mainstream media and alternative media in trying to understand the make-up of the Bilderberg Group and other intricacies about the organisation.

It is time that the alternative media, activists and anti-globalists begin assessing and analysing the Bilderberg Group on a much deeper level. Considering that the participants of the Bilderberg Group control and influence over 90% of the world’s population, I think it’s warranted that a deeper and thorough examination takes place.

Although this is a relatively minor review of some of the intricacies of the Bilderberg Group, I hope that it inspires you to further research and investigate the Bilderberg Group.

Interesting Facts about the Bilderberg Group

Who Attends the Bilderberg Group?

For the last three years, the organisers of the Bilderberg Group meetings have released an official participants list. Within the participant list, it is interesting to note that there have been only 24 countries represented at the last three meetings.

The country that has had the largest presence has been the United States of America (28.3%). Of the 396 participants at the 2010, 2011 and 2012 Bilderberg Group meetings, 111 Americans where present. Participants from the United Kingdom had a representation of 6.57% and participants from miscellaneous (International) countries and organisations also represented 6.57% of participants.

Therefore, at the last three Bilderberg Group meetings America, the United Kingdom and miscellaneous (International) countries and organisations represented 41% of all Bilderberg Group participants from the last three years.

It has been commonly believed that the make-up of participants at all Bilderberg Group meetings have been the same. Unfortunately, this is not correct. While analysing the participants list of the last three Bilderberg Group meetings, I discovered that only 11.74% of participants attended all three meetings. 17.44% of participants attended at least two meetings and 70.82% of participants only attended one meeting.

The Bilderberg Group Planned to Increase Oil Prices by 400% in 1973

It’s well-known that at Bilderberg Group meetings, participants discuss (in secret) the globalist agenda and issues pertaining around the new world order. However, what is not commonly known is the fact that in 1973 the Bilderberg Group planned to increase petrol prices by up to as much as 400%.

In May 1973, with the dramatic fall of the dollar, ‘Prince Bernhard’s Bilderberg group heard an American participant, Walter Levy, outline a ‘scenario’ for an imminent 400 per cent increase in OPEC petroleum revenues. The purpose of the secret Saltsjöbaden meeting was not to prevent the expected oil price shock, but rather to plan how to manage the about-to-be-created flood of oil dollars, a process from U.S. Secretary of State Kissinger later called ‘recycling the petrodollar flows.’

After stating the prospect that future world oil needs would be supplied by a small number of Middle East producing countries, Walter Levy declared prophetically: ‘The cost of these oil imports would rise tremendously, with difficult implications for the balance of payments of consuming countries. Serious problems would be caused by unprecedented foreign exchange accumulations of countries such as Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi.’

He then added, ‘A complete change was underway in the political, strategic and power relationships between the oil-producing, importing and home countries of international oil companies and national oil companies of producing and importing countries.’

Finally, he then projected an OPEC Middle East oil revenue rise, which would translate into just over 400 per cent, the same level Kissinger was soon to demand of the Shah (See images Below)

These two excerpts are from the confidential protocol of the May 1973 meeting of the Bilderberg group at Saltsjöbaden, Sweden. Note that there was discussion about the danger that ‘inadequate control of the financial resources of the oil producing countries could completely disorganize and undermine the world monetary system.’

The second excerpt speaks of ‘huge increases of imports from the Middle East. The cost of these imports would rise tremendously.’ Figures given later in the discussion show a projected price rise for OPEC oil of some 400 per cent. (Source: Engdahl, William. Century of War : Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order. London, 2004)

globalist Prince BernhardOne of the Founders of the Bilderberg Group was Caught Accepting a $1.1 million Bribe

Prince Bernhard, who is one of the founders of the Bilderberg Group, admitted on record that he accepted a US$ 1.1 million bribe from the United States aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Corporation so that he could influence the United States government’s purchase of fighter aircraft.

In fact, the Prince himself wrote a letter in 1974 to the Lockheed Corporation demanding that he receive commissions for the work that he had been doing. In 1976, a report commissioned by the government was released to the Dutch public. Considering that this globalist had served in more than 300 corporate boards and committees worldwide, it’s interesting to note that no criminal charges were ever made against him.

The Elected Bilderberg Group Chairman

Considering that we can assume that at least 28% of participants at each and every Bilderberg Group meeting have been from the United States of America, the fact is that all of the chairman have been from Europe.

This fact displaces the common belief that the United States of America have officially managed and controlled Bilderberg Group meetings. Although it must be noted that due to the large number of representatives from the United States, their influence is probably greater than that of the chairman.

However, on the other hand, if we consider that almost 80% of the 24 countries represented at the last three Bilderberg Group meetings are European, the numbers of participants from the United States of America may not be as influential as once thought.

How the Media Have Been Reporting Bilderberg Group Meetings Since 1954

It’s a well-known fact that up until 2012 the mainstream media have in effect had a blackout on all Bilderberg Group reporting. The reporting by both the mainstream media and alternative media on the 2012 Bilderberg Group meeting was probably the most comprehensive we have ever seen.

Nonetheless, the reporting of the Bilderberg Group meetings from its inception has been negligible. Between 1950 and 1999, there were only 15 articles and news reports that contained the term “Bilderberg Group”. Between the year 2000 and 2004, 16 articles and news reports were written and between 2005 and 2011 that figure jumped to 213 (Source: Google News)

From the evidence presented its easy see that the mainstream media has in effect deliberately not reported on anything related to the Bilderberg Group.

In 2012, the agenda of the mainstream media changed and an increase in Bilderberg Group reporting became evident. This can be clearly demonstrated by the 7750 results that Google News produced between January 2012 and June 2012. In effect, that’s a 3076% increase in media coverage in one year.

Who Manages the Official Bilderberg Group Website?

Anyone and everyone who is interested in learning about the Bilderberg Group would have come across the official Bilderberg Group website. Although there is very little information about the Bilderberg Group on its own official website, at present there is no other official sources of information where anyone can derive information about the group itself.

The website that I’m referring to is http://www.bilderbergmeetings.org

As soon as you enter the website, the look and feel of it indicates that it may not be an official website. The lack of information, the inability of the website to report on members who attended meetings prior to 2010 and the vagueness and lack willingness to provide detailed information about the meeting agenda’s are all valid reasons why the website may not be an official website.

What’s even more interesting about the official Bilderberg Group website is the fact that within the privacy statement, a declaration is made that states “your IP address, browser type and how you arrived at the website are being recorded”.

Although Google analytics can provide the same information, it’s interesting to note that the Webmaster of the website also states that this information is being used by their development team for Internet optimisation of the site and present and future clients.

The privacy statement also implies that by entering the site, you automatically agreed to the terms and conditions of the website and that your information is being used to improve the performance on the site itself and any other clients. (Who are the Bilderberg Groups present and future clients???). This could just easily be some shonky Web development or it could be something more sinister.

To gain an even deeper understanding of who the webmaster of the official Bilderberg Group website is and where it is managed, I tried to run a simple domain IP search. The results of the domain IP search exercise where negative. I tried using four different websites that provided domain IP search functionality without any luck:

So whoever is managing the official Bilderberg Group website either has something to hide or has some other valid reason to ensure that no one knows the origins of the website.

f you know more about the official Bilderberg Group website than has been discussed here, please share your insights with us by clicking here.


Although these simple facts shed a little more light than has previously been shared, there is still a considerable amount of research and investigation required before we can feel confident that we have fully exposed the Bilderberg Group.

As I said at the beginning, although this is a relatively minor review of some of the intricacies of the Bilderberg Group, I hope that it inspires you to further research and investigate the Bilderberg Group.

Source: http://www.theglobalistreport.com/bilderberg-group-facts/