Facebook is censoring this HangTheBankers.com article

Facebook censoring hang the bankers

In the past week we have seen the social media networks do their best to censor liberty minded accounts and in some cases just plain and simple delete them.

This has not gone unnoticed and if anything has backfired on the likes of Facebook and Youtube with people waking up to their attempt to control free speech and information.

YouTube deleted Stefan Molyneux’s channel FreeDomain Radio for no reason last week but later reinstated it due to massive public backlash. Yesterday Josie the Outlaw had her Facebook channel deleted and today liberty activist Adam Kokesh had his Facebook page removed.

Censorship of information and ideas seems to be increasing as we have seen Reddit come out and ban words like: NSA, Tesla, Bitcoin, net neutrality and even TED Talks censor Graham Hancock’s speech, ironically named the ‘The War on Consciousness’. Mainstream media sites are also beginning to remove the comments section on many articles so people can’t dispute claims made by the unquestioning press or try inform the general public that visits their sites.

As people are increasingly becoming informed to how the world really works we will continue to see the current establishment do whatever it can to hold onto it’s power by trying to pass laws like the TPP, but ultimately they will fail as innovation through necessity will prevail and supersede their archaic mindset of trying to control people and information.

Facebook has removed the following post from our Facebook homepage and will not allow anyone to repost the article:

Top U.S. diplomat: Russia has betrayed the “New World Order”

This is the message you receive when trying to share the article on Facebook:

Facebook censorship

We have contacted Facebook and are awaiting a reply.
We are not sure if it is just this article or others from our site aswell.

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