Everything You Should Know About Vape Manufacturers in 2018

The vaping community is steadily growing. Consequently, there is an increasing interest in the industry. Vape enthusiasts and people who haven’t yet tried it want to know more about the phenomenon that has become a mainstream in the last couple of years.

The Secret of Popularity

All vape manufacturers have a common marketing strategy. They build advertising campaigns on three main messages. In 2018, they continue to rely on the same approach.

1.    The easiest way to stop smoking

A lot of customers buy e-cigarettes or Vapingdaily dry herb vaporizers because it is marketed as a smoking cessation tool. It’s a well-known fact that lots of traditional smokers hate their habit but still fail to quit.

We often hear positive reviews from ex-smokers. Vaping allows users to control nicotine content lowering it gradually with time. Some vapers eventually become completely free of nicotine and tobacco products.

Clive Bates, a former director of Action and Smoking in Health, hopes that vaping will keep rising and smoking rates will keep declining. “This is how we win”, he says.

2.    A healthier alternative to tobacco smoking

Vaping gives users similar sensations as traditional smoking. But it doesn’t expose you to a large number of harmful chemicals, including carcinogens. E-liquids do not contain tobacco leaf.

3.    Everyone can find a product to match their taste and needs

While all traditional cigarettes have the same tobacco taste and smell, hundreds of different flavors make your vaping experience diverse.

A lot of green stuff lovers enjoy using marijuana vaporizer. They get the flavor and the effect of smoking, but no harmful smoke gets into their lung. Some use this device to smoke pot in public discreetly.

Development of the Vaping Industry

All vapers should be grateful to Hon Lik. The Chinese pharmacist wasn’t the first one to design the electronic smoking device. This honor goes to Herbert A. Gilbert who made efforts to patent his vaporizer in 1963. But Mr. Hon managed to turn the vision into reality.

Gilbert introduced the basic anatomy of the vaporizer. It is still more or less the same as today. The device consisted of the elements that are familiar to us now – a battery, a reservoir for flavored liquid and a heating element.

Gilbert made several prototypes but the invention never entered the market. Smoking was more socially acceptable at that time. Besides, the technology wasn’t as highly developed as nowadays. The biggest shortcoming was a low battery capacity. Modern high-capacity lithium-ion battery made it possible to solve it.

Hon Lik wasn’t inspired by Gilbert. He has never heard of the idea of vaping. The death of his father from lung cancer and his own unsuccessful efforts to quit smoking using nicotine patches motivated him to work on it.

In 2003 Hon registered a patent for his electronic smoking device. The next year, the product began to be sold commercially in China. In 2006 electronic cigarettes were already available in the rest of the world.

In 2018 vape products are produced, sold, and consumed nearly everywhere. The industry is highly developed in the following countries:

  • The U.S.
  • The U.K.
  • Europe
  • China
  • Japan
  • Southeast Asia

Global Vape market competition takes place between the top manufacturers:

  • Blu eCigs
  • Njoy
  • V2
  • International Vaporgroup
  • Vaporcorp
  • Truvape
  • ProVape
  • Cigr8
  • KiK
  • Hangsen
  • FirstUnion
  • Shenzhen Jieshibo Technology
  • Innokin

The global vaping market size is estimated to be around $15 billion in 2017. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 27.3% during 2018–2023. That is $48 Billion.

David Sweanor from the Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics, University of Ottawa, says that we might witness how “an unleashing of innovation will dramatically change the US, and global, nicotine markets.”

Vaping Tournaments

To popularize their products, vape manufacturers support various related activities for fans. Vaping competitions help to attract and involve many people in this sphere. It is also a nice possibility to introduce latest novelties, such as the best vaporizer new or a fresh e-juice.

Usually, the most skilled and artful vapers from all over the world demonstrate their virtuosity in blowing out the clouds of vapor. Organizers of the contests often award winners with cool prizes and generous sums of money.

The World Series of Vaping (WSOV) is the most famous vape championship. This battle gathers thousands of participants. It is being organized annually in the USA, Mexico, England, Russia, and other countries.

The Vaping Industry VS The FDA Regulations

In 2014 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposed regulations governing the manufacturing and sale of e-cigarettes, e-liquid, and other vaping products. In 2016 the agency proposed an updated version of regulations that has got negative reviews from manufacturers.

Makers and fans fear that this law will ruin the US vaping market. That’s why they were outraged by Hon Lik’s comments on it. He finds them “positive” and thinks that “this will increase the confidence” in vape products, as “the manufacturing standards will be improved.”

Many vapers are confused that Hon, who is known as the father of modern vaping, expresses his support of regulations that will ban it. Some think that he just doesn’t realize the extent of damage the regulations will impose. Others are less loyal and say that Hon betrayed vapers especially after the sale of his patents to Imperial Tobacco in 2014.

Healthy or Not?

At present, it is still much unknown about the effects of vaping. Some studies speak in favor of e-cigs, others are against. But can we really blindly believe the statistics?

One study showed that vaping might cause cancer. It turned out that the evidence was quite controversial.

The researchers didn’t observe how it affected people. Neither did they compare it to traditional smoking. They focused on how components of e-vapor harm cells’ DNA. DNA damage increased the risk of cancer. But no tests were held even on mice.

Apparently, the vaping industry is going to develop and grow in future. You can be or not to be part of it, but you should be informed of everything that is going on in the world.

About the Author: Phyllis Baker is the blogger specializing in drugs rehab, addiction treatment and health issues. She manages public relations for VapingDaily.