Economic facts: America headed for total collapse

According to the major polls, at least 2/3 of Americans think, “things will get better”. Yes, they are that stupid. Let’s look at some plain facts:

48% of Americans are considered either “low income” or living in poverty by the government.
20% of households are on Food Stamps.
1 in every 7 adults is on Food Stamps.
1 in 4 children are on Food Stamps.
Almost 3 out of 5 children are considered to be living in “low income” or impoverished homes.
The inflation rate is 10% not 3%.
The real unemployment rate is 22%, not “9%”. During the Great Depression it was “only” 25%.
Only 100 million Americans actually work for a living! They support the other 213 million. Many of these jobs are minimum wage and very low paying.
Household income has been seriously falling for over 10 years now. Your Social Insecurity check will only buy half of what it used to. Less and less people are self employed. More and more people work for the government and are overpaid and underworked.
Only half of black youths under 25 have a job.
Only two thirds of Latino youth under 25 have a job.
The average household debt is 50% more than their annual income.
Only half of Americans over 18 are married; in 1960 72% were married.
In 2005 the average home price was $225,00. It is now $150,000, and will be $100,000 by 2016. 1 in 5 Florida homes sits vacant. New home construction approaches zero.
1 in 5 American men aged 25 to 34 lives with their parents. Health care costs are totally out of control, as is Medicaid and Medicare. ObamaCare will just make all this infinitely worse.
We have 25% of the world prison inmates, but 5% of the population. We now have a police state far worse than China, North Korea, or Cuba.
There are far more derivatives that the GNP of the entire planet. When these collapse the world economy goes down with them.
1 in 7 Americans has 10 or more credit cards. Credit card debt and default are at never-before-seen rates.
Every man, women, child and infant in America owes a half million dollars in unfunded National Debt.

The real National Debt is about $170 trillion, not $17 trillion (the entire GNP is only $14 trillion).
Half of all Americans have less than $10,000 saved for retirement. Social Insecurity was broke decades ago.
One in six of the elderly live below the poverty line.
Half of all homes get some kind of gummint check.
During Obama’s three years in office he accumulated more government debt that in the entire history of this country from George Washington. to when Bill Clinton took office. In a mere three years he accumulated more debt than in 216 years. This is incomprehensible.
Only 1% of us farm for a living. During the Great Depression 25% of Americans were farmers. How and where are we going to get our food?
Americans hog down more prescription drugs that anyone on earth.
America spends HALF the entire worldwide war budget (with 5% of the world population) to attack other countries for no good reason at all. The entire War on Terror is a hoax. Al Qaeda is a media invention. The Taliban poses no threat to us at all.
The Constitution and Bill of Rights have been flushed down the toilet. Every week more Marxist, totalitarian police state bills get quietly passed by Congress with no media coverage.

Now explain how anything will get better.