Does A Continuous Shuffling Machine Render Counting Cards Useless?

As long as the game of blackjack has been around people have been trying to come up with strategic and creative ways to beat it. Over the years, there have been a lot of interesting strategies, but there is none that has stuck like counting cards.

This is probably because it is one of the most effective methods out there, despite it being complex and taking a long time to master. However, if you possess the ability to count, you’ll have the edge in any game. Well, at least that used to be what most people thought. It seems now that automatic card shufflers have come into the mix, they may have completely rendered counting cards useless.

What Is A Continuous Shuffling Machine?

You’ve likely seen a lot of casinos now utilizing what is known as continuous shuffling machines. These machines are pretty much just what the name suggests. They are machines that allow the dealer to keep dealing. He or she doesn’t have to stop the game to shuffle the deck. The machine will simply do it for them. There is an opening located on the top where the deal can input more cards and there is a discarded tray at the bottom where the cards will pop out. Simple enough, right? Casinos, obviously, started using these machines so that they could make more money. A machine with these capabilities can speed a game up by as much as 20 percent. Not only this, but it allows casinos to better capitalize on their edge over the players.

Why Do Card Counters Fear These Machines?

If you are a frequent gambler at tangkasnet, you might be wondering why a skilled card counter would fear one of these machines. Wouldn’t you still be able to count cards like you normally would? It’s all about knowing what’s in the deck and what’s on the table right? Well, in order to successfully count, you need games that offer maximum deck penetration. You simply can’t reasonably expect to make profits when only a quarter of the shoe is dealt. This would mean that three-fourths of the shoe remains in limbo, making it much harder to ascertain the count. Even with a +4 true count, the best card counters still wouldn’t have much confidence in figuring out the ratios of what cards were remaining.

Is It Possible To Get Over On These Machines?

If you do your research or watch enough TV, you’ll find something out there somewhere with someone claiming that they have beat one of these machines. However, there is nothing factually documented about anyone beating a continuous card counting machine. And, no one has stepped up to take claim to this fact. Once again, it really all comes down to deck penetration. If you can’t maintain faith in your count, there is no sense in increasing your bet 10 times. You can’t simply start increasing your bet either because you have a positive count after one out of six decks is dealt. There will just be too many cards left remaining. You need at least a 75 percent deck penetration and this is something that these machines eliminate.