Did you know You Had a Digital Assistant in Your Pocket?

Over a third of us around the globe have a Smartphone in our bags or pockets. I am guessing that the majority of those owners don’t know the full functions of their Smartphone and what it can actually do.

Many of us have probably seen the marketing and adverts for the Google Home and Amazon Echo devices available. These small electronic gadgets help you around the home and office doing and providing help with your everyday life.

How many of you have thought, that’s handy I wish I had one? Well, what if we told you that if you are using an Android Smartphone then you already own one and you just don’t know it. Yes, that’s right, you can turn your Smartphone into something similar to those devices. Simply go to your setting and select the Google section and activate the Google Assistant, and off you go.

Then you are holding in your hand an assistant that can help you do daily tasks and functions where ever you are. You can also ask your assistant for help, looking for information and don’t know where to start, just ask Google. Google will scan the whole internet and bring up on your handset’s screen the most relevant information to your question or query.

If you are asking for suggestions like, where to eat near you or restaurant suggestions you will very quickly get a list of great spots right near your location.

Maybe you are writing some text or content and need help with your verbs, nouns or even synonyms. Maybe you are not great at spelling, you can simply ask Google to spell it for you, and she will read it out letter by letter so you can carry on with your writing.

Not only that but if you need to find out something specific on the topic that you are writing about let Google Assistant help check Wikipedia for the details.

What if you are cooking, and need help with those pesky measurements and amounts which are never in the measurement you know. Ask Google to help you convert those amounts so you get the recipe right.

You can also check recipes and cooking tips if you get stuck for things to do. Ask for the ingredients to your favourite bread recipe in case you forgot the measurements. Ask what the national dish is of a foreign guest or friend you want to cook for, to find the best serving options.

There are many things you can do and ask Google to find out for you. One real handy function is that you can ask the assistant to write an email and send on your behalf. Simply open your email account, say start a new email and dictate the content, which will get written directly to the email. Choose the recipient and simply ask to send. You can also do this with text messages rather than typing.

Why not use the app to call people while you are driving, this keeps your hands on the wheel and you safe on the roads. Bringing a whole new meaning to the term “hands-free calling”.

The list is almost endless what you can ask for, why not check-out the times of that movie you want to watch at the local cinema, or even get the top 10 best casino deals with wager free spins. You can even ask to set reminders so you don’t need to write anything down. Create shopping lists, to-do lists or even a reminder for you to get the chicken out of the freezer.

This magical piece of software that you didn’t know you had could totally change the way that you go about everyday tasks. If you haven’t already, why not check it out and ask Google Assistant something.

Did you know she even tells jokes, badly!