CRYPTOCURRENCY: The Future Of Money & Blockchain Technology

With the age of computers and the Internet revolution has come many tremendous changes to how daily transactions and activities are processed across the world.

Messages are now sent almost instantaneously through email, text messaging, Web-based messaging, and chat applications.

Individuals and families can stay in touch with each other through video chat right from their mobile devices or computers.

Multinational companies are able to hold meetings with their staff and colleagues on the other side of the world through virtual office setups and video conferencing programs that only a couple of decades ago would have been clunky or unreliable to use.

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As the digital age has taken over, another aspect of daily life that has seen major changes is financial transactions. Consumers are now able to manage their wealth right from their home computers or mobile phones through online banking, with access to their checking or savings accounts, credit lines, and bill payment systems. Information is readily available to entrepreneurs, bank managers, tellers, insurance brokers, and other financial services professionals, speeding up the process of providing basic information and services to their clients.

The decentralization of information and access in the financial sector has also led to innovations in currency itself, leading to the rise of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency first came into mainstream consciousness in 2009 with the rise of Bitcoin, although there were already several attempts before this venture to decentralize currency and use digital database servers to facilitate transactions globally. Bitcoin, however, was the first big success of the cryptocurrency story and continues to be the leading provider, and its popularity also brought forth much discussion about cryptocurrency and how it can change the future of finances and global money transactions as it makes inroads into the scene.

The main attraction of cryptocurrency, which is freedom from the control, oversight, or dependence on established financial institutions such as central banks and governing authorities, catapulted cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and Ethereum, in particular) to popular demand and spawned other similar ventures wanting a slice of the pie. As attitudes in many areas of the world have been leaning towards more personal control and less oversight from the “big banks” and government control, cryptocurrency is forecast to continue its upward trajectory as an alternative form of peer-to-peer financial option for various transactions.

If you have considered cryptocurrency or have heard about it and considering trying it out to see if it fits your needs, this book will give you the basic information you need to know regarding cryptocurrency and what it offers.

Author: Filip Karinja

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