Crash the New World Order! Buy Silver!

Crash JP Morgan Buy SilverThere are myriad reasons to buy physical silver. Sure, we’ve all heard how great of an investment it is, but, truth be told, there is also a moral and political argument to be made for the metal.

Historically, in this country, silver was considered money by the banking establishment and government until 1873 – that is when the Crime of 1873 was executed by the bankers and their cronies in the U.S. Government.

Many argue that the crime of 1873, the demonetization of silver, was a plot conceived by the Rothschild clan or those close, and indeed represents a policy that literally bankrupted thousands, if not millions, of Americans overnight.

So, already by the end of the nineteenth century, we see gross manipulation of silver. This gives us just one clue amidst a sea of intrigue and corruption pointing towards silver as a weapon against the banking oligarchs and their tyrannical world order.

With the dollar as the underpinning of Washington’s war of terror, silver offers patriots a tangible savings account in a money that cannot be printed ad infinitum and used to police the world through atrocious wars.

Silver is trumpeted as a great way to preserve one’s wealth in the face of a quickly changing world.

Not only has silver been money for centuries, but it is also not sitting on the computer screen of a behemoth bank and offers the privacy few other forms of money do. But, there is much more to silver than just saving, investing and hedging.

Indeed, silver, over the past few years, has become a weapon of activism.

The truth of the matter is that, when the aggressive short positions of multinational banks such as JP Morgan and HSBC are understood, it is simple to see that a considerable rise in the price of silver means a loss of trillions of dollars for these banks.

These banks will continue engage in massive short positions that are nearly equivalent to the entire yearly supply of physical silver, and threaten the stability of our lives.

On a given trading day, as proof of the massive fight taking place in the silver market between finance capital elitists and populist minded physical silver holders and investors, the silver price can be prone to massive swings of around $2 a day.

With The Silver Liberation Army taking the place of Occupy Wall Street as the truly relevant protest movement against banker occupation, campaigns such as “Crash JP Morgan – Buy Silver!” have a chance of turning an active, discontented sect of the population into a moneyed class endowed enough to take on the corruption of illuminist banking centers and their cronies.

It does not take a genius to see that the monetary policies of not only the United States government, but also every government on the planet, are leading to the total debasement of fiat currencies and the ‘dawning of a new world order,’ as George H.W. Bush foresaw and ushered.

Even the world’s first continental wide currency – an internationalist’s dream – is facing headwinds as the European Union cracks under the pressure of a dysfunctional global economy.

The United States, agree many analysts, as home to the world’s reserve currency, has the most to lose as certain devaluation of the dollar means the cost of perpetual war’s will increase and this cost will lead the US taxpayer away from trusting the US government, and indeed already has.

The banking crisis of 2008 and subsequent flash crashes and turbulent days in the markets have cemented the belief in the hearts of the American public that something is deeply wrong with the economic system in the country.

Washington D.C. does not work to come up with populist solutions, but, instead, works on behalf of the same international banks which, as owners of the Federal Reserve, control the “boom-and-bust business cycle.”

For that reason, physical silver, as well as gold, platinum and palladium, is the only financial security against the economic uncertainty plaguing the world. Of course, preparing for the worst through storable foods and water is a necessity. But, holding the money of the people – silver – is a direct action against the fiat-based global money system.