Could A Healthy Smile Lead To Increased Success At Work?

The power of a simple smile is often overlooked by many, with everyone wrapped up in their own lives or are perhaps too self-conscious of their own oral health to show off their winning smile.

However, a healthy smile has the potential to benefit every aspect of your life to improve your mood and improve or build relationships with those around you.

If oral hygiene is a limitation when it comes to a winning smile, a dentist in Finchley, London, or frankly anywhere could be on hand to provide expert care to help you gain confidence in your best smile in no time!

Here, we are going to look at the health benefits of smiling and what it can do for you within your day to day life!

Health Benefits

Smiling not only makes you look approachable to those around you but it also has a profound effect on your overall health. Studies have shown that smiling every day could lower blood pressure, reduce stress and even relieve pain to name a few. In addition to this, smiling could also help you develop a more positive overall outlook on life and help you to clear your head and take a step back from whatever is going on in your life.

Smiling has also been proven to have an effect on length of life and can lower your heart rate. This can be particularly useful if you are looking to calm someone down, as it not only keeps them distracted from the situation that they are finding stressful but it can boost their overall mood and help them to cope with the situation more effectively.


A good smile is a key to building relationships and it all comes down to making you appear more approachable. This can therefore help you build more meaningful and trustworthy relationships, not only in work but also in your personal life.

By having a friendly, welcoming smile you’ll appear much more friendly and encourage people to trust you and approach you with their concerns or even just for a chat. This is particularly important if you occupy a management role, as it’s crucial that members of your team feel as though they can approach you with any concerns or even ideas that they may have regarding their work, colleagues or the company in general.

In addition to making you seem approachable, it can also help you when networking and reaching out to companies. You’ll not only look friendly and much more inviting, but you will also encourage people to work with you through an early building of trust. If you welcome people with a smile and a firm handshake you hold a higher chance of being successful in your business ventures.


In addition to helping build relationships and promoting better health, smiling can also dramatically improve your mood. When dealing with a personal problem or recovering from an injury, laughter can help to increase mood and dramatically reduce pain levels. This has been evident throughout history as comedians were often sent into hospital wards to boost the moods of patients.

Smiling not only improves your own mood, but it can also have an incredible effect on those around you too. A smile to a complete stranger could improve that person’s day and make them feel better about themselves and a situation that they are in at that time. This can also apply to the workplace to help create a welcoming and inclusive work environment for new and existing employees, allowing people to feel more comfortable in their day to day routine.

The benefits of a simple smile are proven to not only affect you, but also others around you and these benefits are overlooked by most. With a simple smile you could make yourself seem more approachable and open doors to building meaningful relationships within your work and personal life, no matter the current situation that you could find yourself in. A happy, healthy smile truly is the key to better mood and overall health, so make sure you give it a try today!