Common Myths about Cars

Everyone who has a car has one thing they believe about cars just like when it comes to real money online casino games there are so many beliefs.

Whether they have heard it from others or they have read it from book, but they have something they believe in that they haven’t realized if it is actually true or not.

There are many myths about cars that people tend to believe and we are here to tell you some of the moist believed and popular car myths.

Large Cars Are Always Safe In A Crash

Some people believe that if you have a bigger car you are safe from car crashes but is it really true? Well logically it makes sense, because when you do have an impact you will need more mass.

However, some studies have proven that the vehicle weight is less important when it comes to safety like what people believe.

On the contrary lighter cars are more safe than heavy ones not because of weight but because small cars have better safety measures.

Engine Oil Should Be Changed Every 5,000 Km

Older engine oils were liable to sludge and all other dirt so it was necessary to change the oil every 5,000 km. This was a good way to keep the engine safe and clean from damage.

Nowadays there are new detergent oils that has improved viscosities. Not only that cars are being produced with better engines so there is no need to keep changing oil after every 5,000 km.

Of course, it will not hurt if you want to but not doing it does not mean your car will stop functioning.

Warm Up The Engine

Engines does not work well when they are cold, yes that could be true but letting them idle in the name of warming up is not useful.  Letting your car idle is actually bad for it as it pouts extra fuel into the combustion chamber, original site to see more.

This leads to more complications.  When it is just idle it is running at its lowest power. This means that although it is still operating it is generating lower heat. The best way to generate the heat is to derive the car, besides gasoline does the heating of the engine for you.