CIA and Google invest in high-tech crystal ball technology

Google CrystalThe CIA and Google have joined forces to fund a start-up company that claims to have the technology to predict the future using information collected from the internet.

Boston-based Recorded Future measures online momentum, sentiment combined with visualisation tools to show patterns and links between information and predictions, according to US reports.

Recorded Future’s “temporal analysis engine” scans blogs, online news sources, government websites, financial databases and social networks.

The technology analyses this information to predict what might happen next in an attempt to bring a real-time element into the current field of analytics, according to the company’s founders.

“Recorded Future brings a paradigm shift to analytics, by focusing on time as an essential aspect of the analyst’s work,” they wrote in a blog post.

Intelligence analysis, national security and defence agencies, investment and trading strategy firms, marketing, brand awareness, public relations and advertising companies are among early adopters of the technology, according to the company’s website.