Chile suspends trade talks with Israel over Gaza bombings

Chile has suspended Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations with Israel and is considering the withdrawal of its ambassador to Tel Aviv in protest against the Israeli bombing campaign on Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip.

The Chilean-Palestinian parliamentary group told HispanTV that the Chilean government will also seek Israel’s condemnation by the UN Security Council (UNSC) after meeting with the Chilean Foreign Heraldo Munoz.

Chilean deputies and senators of Palestinian origin went to the Foreign Ministry on Monday to demand a stronger position against Israel regarding its actions in the Gaza Strip.

With the number of victims of Israeli attacks passing the 200 mark, parliamentarians of all backgrounds have demanded urgent action by the Chilean government.

Home to a large Palestinian community, the aggression on Gaza has not gone unnoticed in Chile.

Michelle Bachelet’s government last week condemned the Israeli aggression.

Activists calling for the boycott of Israel in response to its breaches of international law in ragards to its treatment of the Palestinians will hope the example set by Chile will open the way for other countries to do the same.

Chile stops trade talks with Israel over Gaza bombings of Palestinians