Chile may soon legalise ayahuasca


A Chilean court ruled that ayahuasca is beneficial to health and therefore its use should not be penalized, an act of collective consciousness that seems to advance the revival of psychedelic medicine and introduicrnos a little more to the mystery of a plant that continues tradition of the drink of the gods, the soma.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]”The more apt we are to make the unconscious conscious, the greater the amount of life we integrate.” – Carl G. Jung[/quote]

A few days ago a court in Chile ruled that ayahuasca is not a substance harmful to health. In contrast, this compound may be highly beneficial to the welfare of human beings. A mystery is revealed in this herb, as a vine metaphysical joins heaven and earth, the soul with the body and the conscious mind with the unconscious.

Make an ayahuasca ceremony may have cost him a couple seven years in prison. Luckily Cesar Ahumada Lira, 42, and her partner, Danae Dimitra Saenz, 41, were acquitted by the trial court IV Oral Criminal Santiago, Chile.

“The court came to the conviction that far from being a danger to public health, developed by the defendants conduct has brought important benefits to many people, several of whom recounted their experiences in Court,” the legal document released EFE.

The event marks an important precedent in the use of this powerful psychedelic drug, which for millennia has been a part of the cosmology of Amazonian Indians and which now seems to be one of the most interesting alternatives to end addiction to hard drugs, chronic depression and even cure cancer.

The ayahuasca or “spirit vine” is the result of the firing of two plants, liana Banisteriopsis caapi commonly (which acts as an enzyme inhibitor and is popularly known by the same name in ayahuasca) and a plant containing DMT ( generally used the plant known as Psychotria viridis chacruna).

The judges noted that Chilean law does not prohibit the cultivation of these plants, nor the International Narcotics Control inspects concoctions derived from them. What is prohibited is the consumption of DMT (dimethyltryptamine), at least in its synthetic form (DMT, which is naturally found in the human brain).

In recent years the consumption of ayahuasca has increased exponentially worldwide, so much so that even Jennifer Aniston’s character consumes this sacred brew at a recent Hollywood romantic comedy.

On the internet you can get some of the many plants which can prepare the ayahuasca legally, this has also contributed to its popularity. However, people who live in or have approached the ancient tradition of medicine ayahuasquera (icareros, shamans and healers) warn that the preparation of ayahuasca without proper protocol and their consumption without a sacred context can be dangerous-or Lacking at least quasi-divine power that manages to communicate concoction (a ratio of exchange of information has its own morphogenetic field). Also, some of the Indians for whom ayahuasca is an essential part of their world view – “the internet of the Indians”, “TV of the jungle has been called locally) are forced to have to travel long distances to cut sacred plants, which before were on hand, but now does marketing elusive.

Finding the combination of these two plants without the vine-DMT is not active orally, is wrapped in a mythical aura, which is even talk that the jaguar was the shaman who taught this divine combo. Beyond the different stories about the origin of the brew, striking clarity medicinal Amazonian Indians to discover the interaction of these two plants without scientific knowledge, which under a dynamic trial and error could take tens of thousands of years.

Maybe not equivoqa Dr. Jeremy Narby, who in his book The Cosmic Serpent research, presents the theory that Amazonian shamans are able to communicate with plants at the molecular level and to obtain information that would otherwise be nearly impossible to obtain. Maybe it’s the same DNA, snakes computer of our own essence, which revealed the ayahuasca medicine. On the other hand, the human being is capable of secreting alone active substance of ayahuasca (a kind of fractal door of death): perhaps our DMT sometime push to activate your mirror in nature.

The fundamental reason for the popularization of ayahuasca is ineliduble who has been witness to its effects and has been able to monitor therapeutic outcomes: these plants, in divine alchemy native, meaning one of the most powerful medicines found man an integral medicine, psychedelic in the sense that this word of exposing the mind. This is what guides ceremonial call “work” ayahuasca to reveal the contents of the unconscious and provide the celebrant with uncommon clarity and energy, it also faces a challenge: what Carl Jung called “the shadow”, the back of our mind which we run by not finding pleasure and in accordance with what we think “should be”. See what is popularly known as “our own demons” with the lucidity and energy capacity offered by ayahuasca can be a blessing, precisely because in that instance can accept or even operate on them from the widest depth (reprogramming our neural circuits ). And in some cases, through this “work” transparent atavistic mental processes may precipitate a holistic healing, since many of the diseases we suffer are somatization of a tail, a karma or a mental burden.

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“Man is a portal to which one enters from the outer world of gods, demons and souls into the inner world, from the large to the small. Small and insignificant is man leaves behind him one soon, and then again enters into infinite space, the microcosm, the vast inner eternity, “wrote Carl Jung in his text Seven Sermons to the Dead. I surmised that ayahuasca ajar, at least, this portal between man and the spiritual dimension of the gods and archetypes. A psychoduct between the primary structure of reality-the region that David Bohm called the All Involved-and the world we experience with our senses ordinarily. See you there, in the open diamonds dimethyltryptamine, ideas, geometry, language which the world is a representation. As if we could see a table and instead of seeing the wood, we saw the spinning atomic orbits and right there floated a series of symbols (which computer code), which provide it with its existence. The impression that emerges is that the mind is a much more basic constituent of matter. In Ka, Roberto Calasso, explains this identity between the world and the mind, perhaps what we now call space-time is no more than the local manifestation of the nonlocal mind:

“Only the Self (atman) was this (idam, the world) at the origin. There was nothing to blink. ” We do not know, there is no way to know, what is the atman, that thing is the Yes, but at least we have a clue here. Flashes only what is consciousness, which only has a mind. So “this”, ie the world, was the mind before being called “the world.”

The Quispe Arnaldo ayahuasquero psychonaut reminds psychologist Jung in this introduction to the liana cosmic dimensional opening medicine:

The ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi) is a plant that once ingested allows channel opening unconscious factors coming into play that usually do not correspond to a logical order. Also, it is a miracle plant that can connect with the unconscious, with that universe lost, illogical and headquarters of large complex informative original, for that reason is considered a plant “door” that allows passage from one reality to another parallel, The truth of the universal mother plant with touch and is achieved through the door from one dimension to another and explore the depths achieved without shifting the unconscious conscious channel. Incredible as it may seem absurd and in a state of “trance” with ayahuasca, the person maintains a reduced wakefulness. That connection is what allows undertaken after returning from the trip. The mother plant is known as ayahuasca, it browses the unconscious dimension without losing sight of the reality in which one lives. The journey is not complete. It seems a sort of “psychosis” cabinet, wherein one realizes his folly and does have the power to suspend the trance state at will. The unconscious represents the entry into the new world, where there is no time, space or logical order, very similar to sleep. The forgotten unconscious material seems unknown, but it is real in another dimension and view of integrating these missing elements very close, then strengthen the healing mechanism from inside: “To realize a world where there is no sense, is making sense a world of which one is unaware. ” People have a role in the past, the journey is long, challenging and rewarding for those sources of original information.

That is, the state of ayahuasca is similar to a lucid dream: we have access to the contents of our unconscious parading in a river of images and symbols (the holographic fabric of our mental movie) but maintain some awareness that we are witnessing, that we are the observer of those images that somehow deep are the algebra of our being.

In conclusion I would like to recall that memorable phrase from James Joyce, said by the architect of the maze (the collective psyche) Stephen Dedalus, both quoted Terence McKenna: “History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake.” History is a nightmare, collective history that is intertwined with our personal history, largely because it conditions, herederar us all fears, traumas and habits of a culture and fears, traumas and habits of a particular lineage. Usually we do not even realize that we are enrolled in this dreamlike flow of history-that flow through our minds all minds, perhaps more influence those closest. Therefore Mckenna celebrated both the act of consciousness of Dedalus realize that we are a collective dream. Ayahuasca is particularly acute in this sense: does lucid unconscious mental process that shapes the reality. This dream (the story) is a nightmare because we have no control and move towards death. But when we are having a nightmare and we discover that we are dreaming, something happens, the nightmare and fear generated dissolves in its unreality, into insignificance, and in that consciousness can see the dream without fear, without identifying with what we see and possibly control it to be as we want. I think the naked ayahuasca nightmarish structure of our mind-where circulating bygone demons of our shadow-but doing so in a state where this nightmare becomes lucid (this historical weight), has the power to strip the imposing structure our usual strength of mind (which seems built on a sham). And on the other side to also offer visions of a bright underlying reality-that of the primary ways we can post-mental processes in their proper perspective, giving less importance, treating them as breezes on the surface of the ocean.

Make lucid nightmare of history also means awakening and escape the timeline. An awakening that keeps guns out of sleep and the power of imagination to create with the mind, revealing the hidden interdimensional gardens beyond time. A lucid dream to its fullest extent merges with wakefulness-sleep, consciousness to unconsciousness and, well, life with death in a bright continuum is a chrysalis into the All-Seeing Eye, Horus-Hradecaksus, the Pond Eye, the Eye of the Glow in the Water. Perhaps this is the secret of ayahuasca and DMT in the pineal gland seat: the iridescent wings of the snake.

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