Science & Technology

The light bulb conspiracy: an introduction to planned obsolescence

[youtube height=”400″ width=”550″][/youtube] This film tells the untold story of something called “planned obsolescence”. Which is the deliberate shortening of product’s life span by manufacturers in order to guarantee continuous consumer demand. This endless growth model is unsustainable on a finite planet with finite resources such as ours and this …

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Cellphone radiation detector app banned by Apple

Although many individuals think nothing of radiation emitted by cell phones, or even believe it to be true, there is a large amount of evidence showing how damaging cell phone use can actually be. In response to the released information and growing fear of cell phone radiation, a company has …

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The missing secrets of Nikola Tesla: Free Electricity

When I went to school, who was portrayed as the greatest genius of all time? Einstein. Who was the greatest inventor? Thomas Edison. The “education system” and media brainwashing system of the contrived matrix has convinced most people that these are indisputable facts. But are they? Have you heard of …

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