Casino Gambling Is Finally Legal in Japan

Gambling games in Japan have been under the official governmental ban for many years. That’s why owners of such gambling houses had no choice but be creative to keep the business running.

The introduction of an indirect system of winning payments – can be considered as the most brilliant invention ever. Instead of coins, Japanese slot machines were giving winners special metal balls.

These same balls could be used to keep playing. But if desired, they could be exchanged for some prizes, which were more like odds and ends e.g. pens, fobs, cigar lighters, etc. These won prizes could be exchanged for real money in the nearest stands. In such a way, winners were receiving money in a legal way.

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With the time, this sophisticated and tricky method in a gambling industry was noticed by the state. And because there were no grounds to forbid such actions, the government started seriously considering legalisation of slot machines.

The same thing can be said about virtual casinos, which are also forbidden, yet people break the rules and find the ways to play. With the legalisation, free internet casino games will be available for absolutely everyone, making it a nice pastime or an additional income.

First steps of a gambling business legalisation in Japan

At the very beginning, an offer to lift a ban on gambling entertainment (both offline and online) caused lots of difficulties and controversies. The way of slots legalisation was long and challenging. Despite multiple attempts to stop voting, the House of Councilors had no intentions to do so. Therefore, in 2016 “the law about creation and development of a gambling industry” was finally enacted. The government is currently working on the organisation of a regulating authority for controlling the activity of this particular industry. By 2020 it is planned to build the whole three casinos in such tourist cities as Osaka and Yokohama. In 2017 online casinos will also be available. Click here to find the best and most interesting slots.

Legalisation is supported by only 12% of people. 34% can’t decide and 44% are against it. Nevertheless, the country’s authorities are sure of its positive effect on tourism and consequently prosperous future of the country.

The future of legal casinos in Japan

A similar system of Singapore is an example of the organisation of Japanese casinos, including peculiarities of legislative structures, models of gambling houses, etc. Such a pattern is considered to be the most cost-efficient for the government as well as advantageous for the development of the industry in general.

The secretary general Suga Yoshihide claims that legal casinos will attract not only Japanese players but tourists from all over the world. Japanese authorities want to reach a number of 40 million tourists a year. In accordance with the specialists, Japanese casinos have all chances to become the second gaming zone in the world, after Macao, China.