Build Following On YouTube – Learn From Success Stories

YouTube has steadily evolved into one of the top social media platforms that seasoned online marketers target with their campaigns. Yet, it is not sufficient to sign into YouTube, upload a couple of videos and hope that your brand will attain the visibility and brand awareness you are aiming for.

Even with a million views on the first day, your YouTube campaign can still be a flop in the long run if it does not infuse certain important elements. In any case, it is better to have hundreds of subscribers who form part of your loyal audience than to gain thousands of views from one-time visitors to your channel who will not remember your brand at the end of the day.

Read on to find out why…

Generating one-time view traffic vs. Building an audience

There is nothing wrong with creating a video that goes viral; far from it.

However, your core objective as an online marketer should be to build an audience rather than to generate numerous, one-time viewers of your content.

With an audience, you can easily establish a healthy brand relationship with internet users by keeping them tuned, waiting for your next video release.

Your channel should strike a connection between your audience and the brand you are seeking to promote. One time page-views, however numerous, may not help you achieve this.

Remember Volkswagen and “the piano staircase video”?

Well, you would be forgiven for not knowing that the interesting video was actually the art of Volkswagen. This is because the viral clip did little to create a connection with the world-renowned brand.

Create valuable content

Internet users are an easily predictable lot; the minute they ascertain that your content is not exactly what they are looking for, they will skip to the next platform. Thus, you need to be precise in providing for these needs while at the same time maintaining that fun, interesting edge.

Clearly defining your target audience that you would like to have as followers of your brand is a sure step towards determining the content that they would label as being valuable.

The Home Depot, for instance has maximized on this concept to build a commendable following on YouTube. The company does not solely focus on promoting its products in video; they also give valuable DIY hints that many homeowners would find useful.

Use YouTube as a social medium and not as a TV

The difference between using TV and social media is that the latter allows for one to engage and interact more easily with their audience. If you are a prolific social media marketer, you will concur that this quality can easily be exploited in building a formidable brand with huge following on YouTube.

Frequently checking out and commenting on videos of those that deal in a similar or other related niche, replying to comments from your audience as well as engaging them in fun challenges are sure ways of keeping your channel from turning into TV. Southwest Airlines as well as EuroVPS have both built massive following on YouTube by capitalizing on interactions with their respective audiences.

Join hands with social experts and media celebrities

It is certainly a big task to start from scratch, create compelling videos, and building on a steady audience base for a new brand. It is even more challenging if you have had no prior experience on YouTube. If you should find yourself in this predicament, you might want to partner with big names that have built successful channels on YouTube for viral growth.

You simply need to find the most viewed channels that have amassed a consistent audience that deal in a niche similar to yours. You can take advantage of the loyal audience base that they have built to promote your own brand by working with these reputable studios.

An example that comes to mind is the GE-Howcast partnership that brought lesser known YouTube entities like Rhett and Link, Smosh and Alphacat together.

These entities were challenged to make compelling YouTube videos on the health niche which they promptly did.

So far, the videos they created have together amassed more than 9 million views and been rated a whopping 250,000 times.

Optimize your YouTube content

Just like you would use SEO strategies to increase the visibility of your website or blog, so should you employ the same tactics in soliciting for following for your YouTube videos. After Google, YouTube is the next biggest search platform.

You can exploit this potential by optimizing your videos for such searches. Appropriate titles as well as descriptions of your videos will make it easier for your target audience to find them. Tagging with precise keywords is also a useful strategy.

Nevertheless, avoid tagging your content with all the latest, trending keywords if they do not offer much relevance to your niche or individual videos. By all means, appearing to condone spam will not augur well with your audience and might just drive them away.

Engage the audience with short videos with valuable content

Catching the attention of your audience is just as important as keeping it till they have viewed the entire video. Long videos tend to lose the plot somewhere in the middle, becoming boring and then the attention of a viewer completely veers off.

A precise, interesting clip that is laden with all the necessary information is what most YouTubers look for. If you do not offer them this, they will look for a different channel altogether. To create such a video, you must understand the needs of the audience you are targeting; gauge the content that is likely to keep them hooked and determine the aspects that will nudge them into interacting with you.

Furthermore, nobody wants to subscribe on an inactive channel that offers nothing valuable other than boring verbosity that they cannot stick around to watch till the end.

PewDiePie YouTube

End note

From this analysis, you certainly know if your YouTube channel is getting it right or wrong. Spring into action with these insights to add to the appeal of your videos and make subscribers out of your viewers.

YouTube offers a great marketing platform for any brand ambassador. You must, however, make the best videos and use the most appropriate strategies to harvest all its advantages.