Avoid Scams With Background Checks

Imagine you are a manager for a specific company and your duty is to hire and fire employees.

So, one employee shows up from nowhere, and he needs work. You then hire him and include his name in the company’s list of employees. But after just five weeks, the new employee breaks into the company’s vault and goes with as much money as possible.

When you go out to the police, you notice that he had been arrested for a similar case a year ago. Won’t that make coy whenever someone else wants to work for the company – even if they have the best qualifications? Now, imagine if you can know about a new person before you invite them in for an interview or before giving them a job? That is what a background check does.

With a background check, you can be sure of knowing the person even without the need for asking about them. Employers do not only use these background checks. Rather, they can also be used by landlords or even a government agency.

So, how do they help to prevent scams? We will be looking at that in this article.

1. Preventing Workplace Violence/Fraud

Whether it is beating someone up or being hostile in any way to a person, violence at work can be of a major disadvantage. It can make you work less productive and can even make some employees quit. Every employee wants to work in a safe environment without feeling insecure. It is the work of the employer to ensure that the workplace is as safe as possible.

However, if there is a person that has had a history of criminal activity, things can be alittle uncomfortable at the workplace. People will work in fear, or some might even refuse to show up. But they may not know if they have no knowledge about the new guy at work.

Nevertheless, a background check would be of great help to know more about the new employee. Once you know about their previous life and if they have a history of any criminal activity, you will be in a position to prevent that from happening.

2. Prevent Loss/Damage of Property For Landlords

Landlords face huge risks of losing their property either through theft or damages. A new tenant might pay to stay in the rental house for a while. However, they may end up moving out with all the stuff and even stealing some that belong to the landlord. They could even damage the place because that’s what they do.

However, if the landlord knew about such tenants, he wouldn’t accommodate them in the first place. That is why a background check is a great asset to have if you want to stay safe and prevent scams or fraud.

3. Prevent Negligent Hiring Liability

Negligent hiring liability is generally when an employer fails to investigate the background of a new job applicant, which might then bring a loss to the company. An employer is expected to be extra careful when handling new employees. Hiring a wrong individual might pose a great threat to the public.

Since an employer is expected to know if the job applicant has been involved in any dishonest or criminal activity, it gives them the mandate to determine if the applicant is suitable for the job or not. Luckily, there are the background checks that give the employers extra control and authority when screening the new job applicants. With the background checks, the employer can then determine if the applicant has a possible threat to the employees and even the customers.

The appropriate background check will allow the employer to get the necessary information and reveal the possible problem area in advance. This way, the employer can take reasonable care when hiring and prevent it accordingly. The only way that this can happen is when the employer does thorough background check documentation. Therefore, this will limit the negligent hiring liability.

4. Preventing Negative Publicity

When a company or business has an errant volunteer or employee, it will damage the reputation of the organization severely. As a result, this would cripple the organization even forcing it to close because donors and partners might pull out in the end.

However, having knowledge of the prior history will predict the future performance of the potential employee and that of the organization. For that, background checks will be used by employers to confirm the information provided by the new applicants. This can be through a job application or a resume. The background check documents can help to confirm the details and also reveal any possible problem area.

When the employer has enough information about the new job applicant, they will be aware of any suspicious information and prevent that person from diminishing the organization’s reputation.

5. Limit Employee Turnover

Some employees might have a clean criminal record. However, they could be the worst people to work with because they tend to quick too easily. There is a slight challenge at work, they quit. Someone insults and holds a grudge with them at work, they quit. The boss is harsh to them, they just leave. It can be challenging to work with such people because they don’t seem ready to face any sort of adversity.

Any employer would want to work with an employee with a fighting spirit, not someone who throws in the towel after the slightest challenge. If the employer takes a look at the background check, they can know if the potential employee is the right person for the job or if they quit too often.

When looking for a background check provider, always ensure that you do your homework and find the best. Consider the relevant factors and be sure of finding the right provider. You can also check out the people lookup sites that can help you with the background check as you prepare for new employees.

Don’t forget that you need to take full responsibility as an employer when picking a potential employee. If you make the right choice, you’ll be sure of having a reliable employee in the future. Luckily, a background check is there to help you find the right candidate and rule out the wrong ones.