Aussie, aussie, aussie! Drone, drone, drone!!

Didn’t they recently announce the war on terror is over?

So why are they still going all out with drones, naked body scanners at airports, TSA all over America groping people, more wars overseas, hiring mercenaries to conduct missions in foreign nations, funding proxy terror groups, draconian laws, internet control, you name it… Who are they protecting us from? Ourselves?

Not long ago they announced that America is set to have 30,000 drones in the sky by 2020.
Obama recently using separate drone attacks to kill 2 US citizens. One of them a 16yo boy being targeted in the killing. No evidence as to why, no jury, just pure assassination from the President. All for our safety?

Now they are bringing the same ideas to the shores of Australia. Yes, drones in Victoria will soon be a reality.

How can anyone doubt that a New World Order exists?

The same laws are passed worldwide under different times yet under the same agenda. Just like the recent attempt to take control of the internet all over the world in NWO run countries.

Anyways, back to the drones. Unmanned surveillance planes could patrol the skies over Victoria under a move being considered by the state’s police.

Queensland police and federal law enforcers are also considering the usage of drones, which will be used in the US for surveillance, searches and car chases from Monday.

Welcome to 1984.

Big Brother is coming to a backyard near you…

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