Are the day trading HFT algos literally the only ones left in the silver market?

If the first three days of this week are any indication, the HFT algo day trading bots are literally the only traders left in the silver futures market.  We understand we’re in the dog-days of summer, the Olympics just ended, but my goodness, has NO-ONE added a single long term long or short in silver this week?

Check out Kitco’s price chart for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday’s price action in silver.

Monday’s price action is the light blue (Aug 13), Tuesday’s is the red line (Aug 15) and Wednesday’s is the green line (Aug 15).
Notice how despite ranging intra-day from $28.20 to $27.48, and big moves (2 raids and 1 pop) precisely on the COMEX open each day, price has converged to exactly $27.83 at the Globex close every single day this week?

Last week Jeffery Christian of the CPM group was begging for an example of manipulation in the silver markets.
While we already obliged Mr. Christian with enough evidence to make GATA proud, this week’s Globex close price action in silver is either the most blatantly obvious case of cartel manipulation and control that can be witnessed in a market, or else there is literally not a single speculator or hedger remaining in the silver futures market. 

There can be no other valid conclusions.  If silver had merely closed consecutive days at the exact same price we could chalk it up to coincidence.   Three consecutive days with massive raids or smashes occurring precisely upon the COMEX open, followed by 3 consecutive IDENTICAL GLOBEX closes of $27.83 cannot possibly be a c0incidence.

Of course the CFTC may require 4 years of analysis to reach a conclusion on the matter.