According to New York University scientists, a combination of AI and radiologists is more accurate at detecting breast cancer

According to a new study conducted by scientists at New York University, an artificial intelligence tool that has been specifically trained on a variety of screening mammography images has been able to demonstrate 90% accuracy when detecting breast cancer.

Together with the analysis from radiologists, it will help to present the most accurate results which means that it will be possible to detect breast cancer at early stages and cure more people.

The research was led by scientists from the NYU Center for Data Science and by researchers from NYU School of Medicine. Thus, it has once again been proven that artificial intelligence can add a lot of value to an early detection of cancer and can be used as a reliable tool when diagnosing a patient. Obviously, the assistance from a qualified radiologist is still required. However, proving that AI can be useful will help to make the whole process faster and more accurate.

The most important thing to mention is that an artificial intelligence tool has been able to detect changes in the tissues that are invisible to the human eye. Thus, detecting breast cancer has become possible at such an early stage little medical intervention will be needed to cure the disease. What it means is that patients will be healthier, and will be able to live a longer illness-free life. It is necessary to mention that the whole point of this study has been to augment the work of human radiologists for the benefit of their patients.

The findings presented in this particular research study help radiologists understand which lesions are more likely to become malignant, as well as which ones will remain benign. This knowledge will help radiologists better determine the cases of breast cancer at an early stage. What it all boils down to is that more lives can be saved, not to mention the fact that early detection means the methods used for curing cancer will not be so severe or time-consuming. The earlier a problem is detected, the more options a patient has. This a completely new tool to identify and diagnose cancer. Yet, it is still great news as these findings give radiologists more options to work with. All in all, the tendency to transition to AI as well as to use it in order to support the process of finding out a diagnosis will definitely continue which will be of great help in the field of medicine.

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