A comparison of the iGaming industry in UK, US and CA

Comparing the different iGaming industries found in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and the Canadian iGaming sectors may at first appear to be simple act of comparing like against like, ‘apples with apples’ if you were, however what it actually is, is a matter of comparing ‘apples with oranges’.

The differences in each iGaming and mobile casino sector found in these separate three regions, located across the world, although sometimes seemingly small, do indeed make the world of difference.

Let’s take a look:

The first iGaming mobile casino region, the United Kingdom industry is not only growing in terms of record-breaking numbers, but the fact that they’re exponentially rising in the number of player engagement ratios across the board, as well means that the sector in the UK is indeed on the rise.

The UK sector is on a fast-track to more games, more technological advancements, more accountability and more interactivity on offer – all around.

The UK Gambling Commission has effectively been in place since 2007, and it is this very gambling authority that regulates the UK Gambling Industry, including the iGaming industry. Nowadays the fact that online gambling is legal means that there are certain rules and regulations that operators will need to adhere to, in order to be able to conduct their businesses legally.

The amendment of the UK Gambling Act that took place in 2014 has had major implications for the UK online and mobile casino gambling sectors. One of the key elements of the amended gambling act that affected massive change in the industry is the fact that all gambling requirements for operators based abroad seeking to take bets from players located in Wales, England and Scotland would need to be compliant with the UKGC (UK Gambling Commission) stipulated rules of engagement.

A great example of a site that is fully compliant with all the UKGC regulations and that holds a valid operating license can be found in the mFortune mobile casino brand. There is indeed a home for many an avid game player to be found in these types of top casino online sites.

Clearly, it is fact that the UK online industries are ever booming, and there sure doesn’t seem to be any thought or sign of a slowdown occurring any time soon.

The second region, namely the United States of America and its gaming industry is, for lack of a better word: extreme. We use this term, as the US sector of iGaming falls on either side of two very different (extreme) spectrums.

The one spectrum offers a rather restricted option to online gaming, while the other alternative spectrum allows for online gaming in some states, where there are no rules of engagement put in place, therefore offering players that could even be likened to the ‘wild, wild west’.

The overall limited inline gaming status that most US regions hold can actually be attributed to the combination of a few key acts and laws that hold true in a number of states that comprise the United States of America.

The laws that make the United States industry so tough to break through are as follows:

  • Interstate Wire Act of 1961
  • The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act
  • The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act

Online gaming as an industry in Canada is also its own money-making machine altogether. Firstly, it should be established that in Canada (CA), iGaming and mobile casino gambling is indeed legal, and does great things to boost the overall Canadian economy.

Not only is the iGaming industry in CA a great asset in the job sector in Canada, but it is also considered one of the largest segments of entertainment in the country overall, that truly does say a lot for the state of things in CA.

By taking up any one of the many online gaming sites and mobile casino sites, avid players will quickly find that the iGaming industry in Canada definitely puts the player’s needs, desires and the various tastes and styles of each consumer taken into consideration within the entire community in CA, overall.

Regardless of the licensing procedures, the wild west mentalities or the sheer boom of economies associated with the various iGaming industries in place – the one thing that is common in all these regional sectors is the fact that each gaming sector is in place to add moments of entertainment to each player through and through.