9/11 WTC b7 – lawsuit absolves United Airlines of responsibility, highlights nation’s ignorance of third building

United Airlines will not bear any responsibility for the collapse of the third World Trade Center building on September 11, 2001, WTC-7. The owner of the company, Larry Silverstein, who held the lease on the WTC property, had filed negligence claims against United for security lapses at the Portland, Maine airport. Tower 7 collapsed in the evening of September, 11, after having supposedly been “pierced” by debris from the crash of American Airlines Flight 11 into nearby 1 WTC. The suspects had originally boarded a United Airlines flight before transferring. The judge ruled that United could not have foreseen the events that led to the destruction of Tower 7. Silverstein Properties anticipates filing a similar claim over United’s Flight 175.

The ensuing insurance claims and lawsuits filed in the wake of 9/11 comprise an interesting collection of anecdotes regarding the fateful day.  As few US citizens understand, in evening of September, 11, 2001, a third WTC building, building 7, collapsed in the evening, and is claimed to have collapsed due to structural damage despite that it clearly collapsed and caved in on itself. It was also reported by BBC that the building fell, before the actual event.

BBC wtc b7

Which brings us to our understanding of the events of 9/11.

There is a litany of ways US citizens understand the maelstrom of 9/11, giving us all insight into the inter essences of our thoughts-and-ideas, and where they come from, how they meet one another:

  • 18 Saudi Arabians fly planes into WTC
  • 18 muslims fly planes into WTC
  • Osama Bin Laden hatches plot of destroy US economic dominance
  • US government hires out contractors to execute the plot
  • The Globalists, above-and-beyond all nation-states, did it.
  • The War on Terror
  • The War of Terror
  • Politics
  • Tragedy


wtc b7Reconstruction by memory of signal occurrences can change the course of history.  Our outlook on the past informs our present and leads us into our future. We are, in a way, one of the innumerable mediums by which time accounts for itself.
The events of 9/11, for cognitive scientist Steven Pinker, brought to mind a question of language and cognition: How many events took place as part of 9/11?  It is a lesser known legal debate. It could be argued that the answer is one. The attacks on the buildings were of one plot conceived in the mind of one man in service of a single agenda, Pinker writes.  Two planes crashed within a few minutes and yards of each other, targeting two related buildings with a single name, design and owner.  Or was it two events? North tower, south tower, different configurations of glass, steel, etc. Or, was it three? Debris from the two planes hitting the first two buildings destroyed the infrastructure of WTC-7 and so then it fell.

Pinker only uses official examples, as I am sure he is not up to lose his publishing relationships. He goes, however, to look at what makes up an event? An event is a period of time, and time, is a continuous variable of the universe, in Newton’s thinking, or a fourth dimension in a fabric of hyperspace.  This time, in the minds of men, is formed and captured through events.  The way in which we understand these events, through the images of atoms of thought, make up the “language of thought,” or conceptual semantics.

In one way, it is easy to see that the event of 9/11 is still ongoing. Silverstein’s lawsuit is just one example of the way in which that event still impresses upon our current lifestyle. One obvious example is the War on Terror. 9/11 put the US in Afghanistan, then Iraq, then in Africa, then Pakistan, then Syria, and so on until the entire foreign policy character of the nation had transformed into a more intense manifestation than hitherto. If the War on Terror is seen as an outcome, and cause-and-effect are related, then we see how 9/11 still persists, not only in mind, but in the physical world.

That is a deeply unhealthy state for a culture to find itself, constantly being haunted by the ghost of violence. The problem-reaction-solution trifecto let the collective down, directed by the OG Pirates as it was. Moreover, for those who understand that the story that has been trumpeted by the dominant culture, the 9/11 eventship has been one long mire of tyranny.

The Silverstein case regarding building 7, filed against United, is ignorant of all the screaming evidence that the United flight had absolutely nothing to do with the collapse of that building, and is indicative of a cultural psychosis. It makes no sense to think the way in which building 7 fell was via debris from the first two impacts. I believe scientists could put two monkeys through a series of learning tests to get them to come to the proper conclusion: there were explosions of a sort.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving.

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