The 8 Best Foods for Boosting Your Immunity

In the modern, busy, world, none of us has time to be ill because we’re all working hard, raising families, or studying, perhaps an online MHA degree. Unfortunately, germs and diseases don’t care that you’re busy.

If anything, being tired and stressed out makes you more likely to become ill. While there are many ways to boost your immunity, the best, most effective, and most natural, is eating the right foods.

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Foods immunity boost

To stay fit and healthy this winter, these are the eight foods you need to be eating.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a fantastic source of vitamins A and C.  They are incredibly good for you. Eating sweet potatoes regularly can help boost your immunity, but it also keeps your skin looking great and your hair and nails strong. Try substituting white potatoes for sweet potatoes where you can. A sweet potato soup can make a brilliant winter lunch.


Oranges, and orange juice, is full of vitamin C. If you do start to feel unwell, drinking plenty of orange juice can help flush out the germs, as well as giving you a much-needed energy boost. Try to avoid juices with added sugar.


Broccoli, and other green vegetables such as spinach are another great source of vitamins, but they also contain lots of iron, which helps boost your red blood cells and plays an exceptionally important role in keeping you fit and healthy. It is even thought that eating broccoli can help restore our immune systems as we age.


Fruit and vegetables aren’t the only things that help your immunity. Yogurts contain probiotics, which are basically good bacteria. Try having a portion of yogurt with your cereal for a great start to the day.


Oats are another great start to the day. Porridge makes a great breakfast, especially when it’s cold outside. Oats contain something called beta-glucan, which helps your white blood cells locate infections, allowing them to build a response much faster.


Garlic is great for boosting your immunity and protecting you from colds and flu during the winter season. As well as boosting your immune system, garlic has been used to improve mental health and decrease the risk of heart disease


Oily fish contains omega 3 fatty acids, which offer great all over health benefits, one of which is boosting your immunity and protecting you from disease. Fish oils work by reducing inflammation and improving blood chemistry, making sure your cells perform at their best. Fish oils help your brain and heart health, and are thought to prevent depression, cancer and skin conditions, amongst other things.

Try to include these foods in your daily diet. Yogurts and fruit make fantastic snack, and vegetables and fish can easily be incorporated into all your favorite meals. A healthy, balanced diet, with plenty of water, and lots of exercise, is the best way to keep your immune system in top condition, making sure you stay healthy all year around.