7 Ways To Stay Fit Physically & Mentally During Quarantine

If there is something to be said about 2020 is that it has been full of surprises.

Even people that are easily adaptable have found themselves struggling. Anxiety and stress are at an all-time high. So, what should you do when the situation becomes dire?

Well, not give up, and accommodate your lifestyle to your needs. The most important thing you should take care of is your health, both mental and physical. 

1. Create a new routine like you were going to do it anyway

Everything is so focused on the pandemic that every decision seems to be tied to it. For the sake of feeling better, just pretend for a while that nothing is happening outside your personal space. Simply create a new rhythm, division of responsibilities and daily tasks, like you have decided to stay indoors because you wanted to. Perhaps you could even figure out some new method of achieving your goals that you weren’t aware of before! 

It’s time to get cooking!

Staying indoors probably means that you will have to forget about your favorite restaurants for a while. In addition to that, forget about takeout too. Instead, use this time to improve your cooking skills and start eating healthier. It will definitely take more time, but that is a resource you now have plenty of! When you start seeing changes, you will be happy you did it!

2. Use different resources to maintain your mental health

When it comes to keeping your sanity, there is no one-size-fits-all recipe. Some appreciate meditation, journaling, classical music, and therapy sessions. Others find comfort in reaching out to friends, going for walks, or taking up a new hobby. Try out different things, and stick with the ones that make you feel good. 

3. Working out is just as efficient indoors

Just be honest with yourself – your gym routine can easily be transformed into a home workout if you put enough effort into it. Working out during the pandemic might seem challenging at first, especially if you think you can’t get results without gym equipment. However, with a good home workout routine, that won’t be an issue at all. It’s all about doing the most with what you have.

4. Don’t forget to bring some joy in your life

Not everything has to be about setting goals and staying productive. Perhaps watching 20 cat videos on YouTube is the best thing you can do for yourself right now. And why not do just that? Just make sure that you aren’t spending most of your days procrastinating, and you will be fine. 

5. It’s time to revise your entire lifestyle – healthier is better

You will never have as much time as now to think and question your life choices. Instead of pondering all the scary news you are bombarded with, invest your mental energy into something more useful. What kind of changes can you implement in your daily life in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Start writing down some thoughts and ideas. You don’t have to implement them right away, but even thinking about them is a step in the right direction. 

6. Make sure you are ready for the new norm

Although it seems like this changed state has been going on forever, at a certain point, life will go back to normal. Arguably, it’s going to be the new norm, and many things will be different. Since none of us were prepared for this quarantine, at least we can prepare ourselves for what comes right after. That way, you can relieve some of the tension and take care of yourself. 


Adapting to changes is never easy, and this one, in particular, has been pretty stressful. Instead of spiraling with the latest medical data and expert prediction, focus on things that you can control. Your mental and physical health should be your priority, and your energy should be dedicated to improvement. That way, you will not only go through this period more easily, but you will also be better equipped to handle the next big change, even before it begins.