6 Essential Habits for Leading “the Good Life”

Everybody wants a slice of the so-called “good life.” For some people, that might mean a nice house, or a beachside vacation.

However you define the good life, you want it, and not just for a short time. You want the good life to be your life. But how do you get there?

While the journey is different for every person, here are 6 essential habits that can help lead you to the good life you desire.

Know It Takes Work

First off, don’t think that you inherently deserve the finer things in life. Believing you’re entitled to it won’t help you achieve it—work will. Take a look at where you are now, and ask yourself if you deserve better, based on the work you’ve put in so far. Look at those around you. If you were to bet on one person in your life to make a million dollars, who would it be? If the answer is not you, then you need to make a change.

You need to be willing to sacrifice some things and take on an attitude of responsibility for your life. Prioritization is just one powerful habit of successful individuals, and it can increase your chances of getting the life you want.

Be Willing to Adapt

The good life belongs to those who are willing and able to adapt to their changing environments. Ask yourself if your current habits are sustainable, or if they’re just dragging you down. If there’s a habit you feel is holding you back, change it. And if your environment changes, you may need to change with it. People who don’t change their habits don’t change their lives.

Be Teachable

If you think that you know everything, you’ll never learn anything, and you’ll never grow. So always be open-minded and search for opportunities to learn. Gain life lessons from those with more experience. Get a mentor, if you can. And read—a lot. Multi-millionaire Tai Lopez places a heavy emphasis on the lessons he’s learned from reading, and says he reads a book every day. Seeking out new lessons in this way broadens your mind and opens you up to new possibilities.

Don’t Listen to Everyone

If you listened to every criticism and suggestion from every person in your life, you’d find yourself pulled in a million directions. So instead of taking advice from everyone, carefully select who you listen to, based on the way they’re living their lives. Would you want to take relationship advice from someone who’s never been in a relationship? Would you accept financial advice from someone who’s drowning in debt? Be selective, and make smart choices about who you listen to and who you imitate.

Develop Self-Discipline

A little self-discipline goes a long ways, so start working on it every day. How? There are a lot of ways, and different things will work for different people. But a few suggestions might include:

  • Set an early wakeup time every day, and do something to improve your mind or your body before you even eat breakfast.
  • Stick to a strict, healthy diet that will improve your mental focus and energy levels.
  • Cut back on how much time you spend in front of screens.
  • Work out every day.

What you do to build your self-discipline is less important than the simple act of pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. Because developing discipline in one area makes it easier to become discipline in other areas, which can have a waterfall effect on improving all your habits.

Do What You’re Good At

People tell you all the time to “follow your passions.” But, as Allan Nation said, “Never do something you love. Once you do it for work, you won’t love it anymore. Do what you like.” Essentially, you’re looking for that sweet spot, where you’re happy with what you’re doing every day, but you still have room for your true passions on the side.

There are many steps towards having a good life, but your personal habits can either pave the path or create obstacles—only you can decide which will happen.