5 Reasons to get a Side Gig alongside your Job

Whether you’ve got a good stable job or you’re still ‘finding yourself’ and trying to establish a career, there are many reasons why you might consider getting a side gig alongside your regular work.

Let’s take a closer look at 5 of them … 

More Money

The most obvious reason to work an extra job alongside your main work is to earn more money. Let’s face it, no matter how much we make there’s always room for more, especially if we’re saving for something or need to pay down debts.

First, it’s always worth offering to work overtime, pursuing a raise or promotion within your existing employment or getting a new main job altogether, but doing separate work in the evenings or at weekends is a logical route to more income.

Expand Your Skills 

Although many jobs offer the chance of learning new skills and progression, others are more limiting and you can easily get stuck in a rut. Freelancing on the side or getting a second job gives you the opportunity to expand your skill set, network with people you wouldn’t otherwise meet, and pad-out your resume.

Who knows, you might carve out a whole new career path or develop the skills that can help you move up the chain in your current career. At the least, it will give you fresh experiences, even if that doesn’t immediately translate into new or better career opportunities.

Backup Plan

Let’s face it, the economy is not as stable as it could be and the days of ‘getting with a good company and retiring with a pension’ are becoming a generation out of date. Today it’s all about diversifying your income streams and having a plan to fall back on.

That’s where a side job comes in to play. If for whatever reason you lose your main job, you will still have income coming in and might be able to transition it into your full-time gig, at least temporarily.

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To Travel

If you have a side gig (particularly freelancing), it can give you the freedom to take extended periods away from traditional employment. For example, if you want to travel, you can cover the costs by freelancing online while traveling. Work becomes a lot easier when you’re sitting on a beach with your laptop sipping cocktails. This is often called the ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle.

The freedom isn’t just reserved for traveling either. Perhaps you just want to spend more time at home with the family?

If you build up your freelancer profile alongside your job, you’ll easily be able to transition when the time comes.

Start Your Own Business

For many, having a side gig (particularly freelancing) is the first step towards starting your own business. So, if starting your own business is one of your life goals, then testing the waters alongside your main job is an obvious route to take.

You can formulate your business plan, research the market, and even build up a list of clients, all while remaining secure in regular employment.

Of course, that might not suit everyone, but if you have the spare time, it makes sense to ease yourself into the world of entrepreneurship.

Side Job Tips 

There are many different jobs you can work on the side in the evenings or on weekends. Traditional options include handyman work, gardening, bar-tending and other service roles, commerce, dog walking, delivery driving etc.

However, the internet perhaps offers the best opportunities for working your own hours with the ability to scale. Freelance sites like UpWork allow you to easily sell your skills (blogging, coding, graphic design etc) on your own terms, and with some hard work, you can build a full-time career as a freelancer.

Driving and delivery jobs have also become easier with app-based models like Uber. 

Getting a side gig won’t suit everyone, especially if you’re in a high up position in a company or you simply don’t have the free time. However, if the above points fit your situation, a job on the side is a great way to secure your future and open more opportunities.