5 Mobile App Development Trends for 2020

Mobile app development is a field in which processes today and constantly evolving. There are new development paths being discovered every day. 

Engineers have been introducing new languages and environments that are making the development process easy in terms of result, but complex in terms of understanding at times. 

Android, iOS, Windows, are not the only mobile operating systems in the world today. Bada, Meego OS, Symbian OS, and Blackberry OS are all operating systems attached to some great companies, making fabulous phones. 

With that in mind, the need for cross-compatible mobile app development has grown in recent years. Apps need to be compatible with all operating systems, and that is challenging development teams today. 

Apart from the technicalities mentioned above, there are other challenges with regard to mobile app development. Some of these challenges include picking an industry to compete in, having key features that are appealing, building a brand that easily retains users, and executing programmatic marketing strategies. 

Today, there are many trends in mobile app development that are both technical and non-technical. Taking a look at the current state of the industry, below is a list of five mobile app development trends that are bound to grow further in 2020. 

Mobile Wallets

Mobile Wallets are super convenient for all users. With the emergence of tight information security software, people have started trusting mobile wallets with their personal information. This has allowed them to make easy transactions, whether it is for shopping, transferring money to friends, or tapping and paying for groceries. 

Wallets like Venmo, Paypal, Google Pay, and Square Cash are offering debit cards along with mobile wallets, with no transaction fees for general transactions. 

In 2020, as online shopping and digital payment grow, mobile wallets will be seeing subsequent growth. Some mobile wallets also introduce their own currency or point system for purchasing power, especially in the online shopping industry. 

Overall, the mobile wallet trend is here to stay, and it will definitely evolve in years to come. 

Cloud Technology 

Most users are picky about which apps to install, as they do not want an app to take up too much space. Cloud technology in terms of cloud integration is beneficial for all parties involved with mobile apps. 

For both, the user and the developer, cloud integration saves a lot of space on devices and servers, while ensuring smooth functioning. 

Most applications are now incorporating cloud integration to provide their users with an app that is extremely light to have around, which is helping them retain users. 

The year 2020 will definitely see immense growth in cloud technology solutions for mobile app development, and subsequently, there will be many more cloud-integrated mobile apps.

Voice Technology 

Voice Search is currently trending, and smart voice technology is the future. Today, most users love interacting with their phone in a way that saves them time and reduces effort. 

According to Digital Authority, a mobile app’s prime goal should be to help a user perform any task quickly, providing an exceptional user experience. When apps, irrespective of genre, incorporate Voice Search Technology, users can easily navigate through the app while on the move and have a seamless experience. 

Mobile apps at scale still haven’t incorporated any perfect voice technology, so in 2020, we can expect to see new technologies surfacing. More apps in the market will be adding amazing voice search, voice help features that are AI and ML-driven. 

SAMD (Software as a Medical Device) 

A SAMD is a software that performs one or more medical functions. According to Orthogonal, any stand-alone software or mobile app that helps diagnose, cure or prevent any illness, could be considered a SAMD. 

In the last two decades, there has been immense growth in the development of software for the healthcare industry. Software is making its way with its involvement in verticals like drug discovery and bioinformatics. 

In terms of Mobile Apps, a lot of diagnosis based SAMDs are entering the market along with software that is regulatory and monitors a patient’s or individual’s data. 

SAMDs have a huge market of their own, and there is room for many more companies to enter the market in the mobile app space. In 2020, we can expect to see new medical device software and also expect existing SAMDs to up their game by enhancing their product. 

Chat Bots 

ChatBots today are getting smarter, wiser and more capable of a human level of interaction. There are quite a few reasons contributing to this growth. 

The growth in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Manual Learning has contributed to various other software verticals, including Bots. 

A prime example is Amazon. Amazon’s mobile app has a chatbot that is smart enough to carry out transactions for minor disputes, including refunds without any human interference. It can handle the initial stages of a conversation extremely well and then bring you a customer service agent that is well-versed with your case if needed. 

A lot of other apps are now introducing smart bots that are assisting users on mobile apps. There are mobile apps like Lemonade for example, which provide AI-driven renters insurance. The entire app is basically an AI chatbot that performs all functions for its users and holds lengthy conversations.

There is exponential growth in regards to bots today, and many software companies are developing customized chatbots for a variety of industries. 

In 2020, we can expect that more mobile applications will have chatbots handling administrative tasks and customer service conversations at a fast pace. In certain fields, software engineers are developing bots that will eliminate human error.  

Overall, apart from these five trends that are set to scale in the year 2020, there are many other software trends that will contribute to mobile app development. 

Some of these software trends include AI, Blockchain, IoT, Information Security, Mobile App Integrated Wearable Devices, Beacon Technology, and so on. 

The Mobile App market is growing at a very fast pace, so one can expect that 2020 will bring enhancement and expansion in software servicing this industry, across all verticals.