5 Celebrities Investing Their Time And Money Into Bitcoin

Bitcoin, blockchain, ICOs – these are all terms that a lot of us have come across at this point but very few truly know the actual reach and potential of.

While these coins can feel like nothing more than a trend that will ‘go away’ in the near future, the staying power of Bitcoin so far seems to be proving any naysayers very wrong.

In fact, it’s not just your average FinTech professional taking an interest in Bitcoin – it’s our much-loved celebrities too!

Here, we’re taking a look at five celebrities investing their precious time and money into these cryptocurrencies.

  1. Ashton Kutcher

It turns out that Ashton Kutcher is much more than a pretty face – in fact, he’s quite the tech investor! With previous investments in Skype, Spotify, Airbnb, Foursquare and Uber, it wasn’t too much of a surprise to those in-the-know that he went on to invest in BitPay. This was all made possible through Kutcher’s venture capital firm A-Grade Investments, though his interest has gone beyond just investing. He’d also gone on to speak at the TechCrunch Disrupt NY, asking the important, widely debated question around blockchain of “What can that decentralised technology really do?”

  1. Mike Tyson

While Mike Tyson isn’t exactly known for a ‘clean’ record, his interest in Bitcoin thankfully isn’t bringing up questions about its legitimacy – something that could ultimately affect the Bitcoin price. Instead, people are listening, and with his new company Mike Tyson Bitcoin, he has gone on to offer a Bitcoin ATM and a wallet for storing and trading it. Whether this app will take off is another story entirely, but the support could benefit the currency regardless.

  1. Roseanne Barr

Known for her controversial and on-the-nose political comments, it was only a matter of time before Roseanne Barr spoke up about Bitcoin. While she hasn’t quite put her money into this cryptocurrency, a tweet stated ‘hey, all: let’s really understand #bitcoin it might be better than removing the federal reserve, and faster way 2 end satanic ritual rule’ – a dig at the government? Probably, but it also brought more public attention to a coin that was still very much rising at the time.

  1. Donald Glover

Another celebrity to back it and everything they have to offer is rapper Childish Gambino, also known by his real name Donald Glover. With appearances in Community, Atlanta and, of course, the new spin-off Star Wars film by the name of Solo, he has built quite the following and so his backing of the cryptocurrency could have quite the effect on Bitcoin popularity. He even claimed that cryptocurrency use “makes more sense”.

  1. Mel B

We all know Mel B from her time as ‘scary spice’ as part of the Spice Girls, but since her time dancing in platform boots and crop tops, she’s taken on a whole host of jobs including X Factor Judge and, you guessed it, Bitcoin backer! She was actually the first artist to start accepting payments for her music after a partnership with London-based business CloudHashing. This business allows users to mine bitcoins as part of their service, but it’s the ability to purchase music that truly opened up its use to the public – at least where her album was concerned.

Bitcoin still has a way to go before we can truly claim that it’s reached global adoption and the question of whether that will ever happen is still a hot topic in the industry.

However, with celebrities starting to pick up on the trend, we could be seeing more and more of the public following in their footsteps. Would you invest in bitcoin?