3 great tips for lowering your energy bill

Are you afraid to even look at your energy bill because it’s usually really expensive?

It’s about time you started looking for ways to lower this bill in order to alleviate some of your stress and expenses so you can live more comfortably.

Wondering how? We’ll tell you three great tips for lowering your energy bill.

Tip 1: smart home products

Smart home products have really started picking up in popularity in recent years. Things like a programmable thermostat, smart heating, smart lighting, even a smart shower head, and various other smart home devices and appliances can help a lot in keeping your energy bill as low as possible. Smart homes are definitely the future, are you already joining in, or will you stay in the past?

Tip 2: make sure your house is insulated enough

Most recent homes will have close to top notch insulation. Do you currently live in an old(er) house? There might still be a lot of steps you can take in order to further insulate your house. This could save you hundreds, if not thousands of pounds on your energy bill. A couple steps you could take are:

  • Insulate doors with sealant strips and draught excluders
  • Insulate your windows and double glaze them
  • Make sure floor gaps are filled
  • Much energy can be saved by insulating your attic
  • Put up drywalls over badly insulated walls

While most of these steps individually will not do much for your energy bill, looking at the bigger picture and crossing off all insulating possibilities will save you a lot in the long run. It will result in more short-term costs, but long-term it will save you loads of money.

Tip 3: don’t be a trigger happy heater user

Has the weather been a bit chilly today? Perhaps you should refrain from turning on the heating for a while still. Wearing an extra sweater inside your own home is not something you’ll die from. Of course, there’s a certain temperature where putting the heating on starts getting necessary, but beforehand, try delaying it for a while. It can save you a lot on unnecessary energy bill costs.

Hopefully these tips will help you lower your energy bill so you can live more comfortably.

Source: Overstappen.nl