21 CIA agents convicted in Italy

CIA agentsOver 5 years ago, I provided a time line of events involving a CIA kidnaping that occurred in Milan. That case has concluded. The last appeal has ended. 23 Americans were found guilty, 21 of whom were or are CIA agents. I congratulate those in the Italian justice system who pursued this case. They faced political opposition and personal travail.

Great shame must fall upon the U.S. justice system for the injustices its personnel have perpetrated and continue to perpetrate and for their failures to address the war crimes and a host of other crimes, domestic and foreign, that they have abetted that have been committed by the U.S. government and by state and local governments and police forces. If there is one thing that is worse even than the criminal behavior of individuals acting under the shield of government power, it is individuals sworn to uphold justice who bow to that power and fail miserably to live up to their oaths and do their jobs.

Source: http://www.lewrockwell.com/blog/lewrw/archives/121438.html