2015: the year when the U.S. stock market bubble bursts?

The stock market has recently hit record highs, so the economy must be doing great… right?

Contrary to what the media and politicians would have you believe, we are witnessing one of the biggest bubbles in human history, and there are signs that it may be near its final breath.

Back in 2008, the Federal Reserve may have saved us from entering an economic depression by increasing its money printing program of Quantitative Easing and reducing rates to near zero percent, but as Ron Paul stated last week, ‘reality is now setting in for America.’

The central planners are running out of band-aid solutions and people are beginning to notice. The markets that have been artificially inflated through the Fed’s lax monetary policies in recent years are about to fundamentally change.

The one asset class that has benefited the most from central bank driven stimulus since 2008 is the U.S. stock market, which has climbed from its low of 6,443.27 (on the Dow) on March 6, 2009 to breaking above the 18,000 barrier for the first time ever this past December 23.

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