YouTube deletes Stefan Molyneux´s liberty minded channel

Stefan Molyneux

It appears as though Google run YouTube is targeting popular channels that promote freedom and liberty by deleting them and all their content off it´s servers.

Less than a month ago Mark Dice’s Youtube channel was deleted without explanation, Stefan Molyneux’s freedom-minded channel (FreeDomain Radio) has just now been removed from YouTube. So far Stefan had this to say about the incident:

“Hi everyone, not sure what’s going on with the FDR YouTube channel, hang tight, we’ve sent them a message, I’m sure it will be resolved soon. If anyone has any good contacts at Google, PM us here please.


In the past we have seen this happen to Russia Today a very popular english speaking news channel having their youtube channel cancelled twice and a Ron Paul promoting channel also deleted.

Stefan Molyneux Youtube Channel

Screenshot of Stefan Molyneux’s taken down channel

People can visit Stefan Molyneux´s website here at FreeDomain Radio to access his other content and facebook page here.

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