Top 10 Best Cities For Gambling Around the World

No matter what they say, gambling has always been a matter of choice.

It is a choice of whether you sink deeper into the world of money or stay in the shallows; whether you reach the ‘high water’ or leave it all as it is.

For those willing to risk casinos still remain the right places to test luck and make some desperate wagers.

Even though you don’t gamble that much, it’s recommended for you to know the spots of the bettors’ greatest interest. Just for the fact, they are magnificent and famed worldwide.

London, UK


Although London’s been always associated with high morals, a cup of tea and Big Ben towering over the city, it’s also proved to be a huge gambling centre over decades. If you feel like betting you may find plenty of casinos there, same as a great deal of online UK slots and bookmakers’ sites. However, one should mind that the facilities like the Ritz provide a strict policy about who’s allowed inside since the average wages rise up to £10,000.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan

The capital of Puerto Rico is famous for its known around the globe resort – the Ritz-Carlton San Juan Casino and Spa. Lots of tourists prefer spending their gambling weekends in San Juan, for the city offers quite a number of casinos, operating 24/7. As the sun sets the life starts boiling here, making you enjoy every minute of your vacation.

San Jose, Costa Rica

San Jose

The city boasts more than 30 casinos and an exchange rate that’s one of the most attractive for tourists. People from Europe, Canada and the USA come here to get some of the unforgettable impressions from both sightseeing and entertaining facilities.

Aruba, Caribbean


Aruba offers an unforgettable experience to everyone looking for the highest quality impressions. Hot white sand, limpid water and casinos all around – there’s simply nothing better than that! Chose among the known places to gamble that are open around the clock.

Reno, Nevada (USA)


In case you’ve made your trip down to Nevada and, somehow, didn’t get to Las Vegas, you can still get plenty of fun from visiting Reno. One can find dozens of famous slots here, about which you can discover more at As the matter of fact, this town was the heart of the US gambling prior to giving up its leadership to the sin city in the second half of the 20th century. Today it’s got the fame of ‘the Biggest Little Town in the World’ with some 20 casinos in the area.



Despite it’s only a couple of years after gambling’s been legalised on the island nation, Singapore is trying to keep up with the mere icons of the bettors’ pilgrimage. Its 3-acres ‘Sky Park’ is currently a place everyone’s willing to visit at least once in his/her life.

Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas

It’s no secret that Las Vegas is one of the major gambling centres in the entire world. It has practically become the synonym to the word ‘gambling’ in the United States. Built in Nevada desert, the city now boasts some of the biggest hotels and casino resorts on the planet. It never sleeps and never gets old!

Atlantic City, USA

Atlantic City

Although Atlantic City is, somewhat, overshadowed by Las Vegas and Reno, it is still a sight to see. The city stays exactly in the place where the gaming industry is centred. Every single tourist that comes here arrives for one reason – to gamble.

Macau, China


As a special administrative region, Macau has its own monetary and legal systems, which are distinct from those of China. This wealthy region attracts visitors not only from Asia but from other parts of the world as well. And casinos are the major source of its income.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo

It is, with no doubt, the most legendary casino resort in Europe. Thanks to the establishment of the gambling facilities in the 19th century, Monte Carlo has started attracting visitors from around the globe and has grown to the glory of its recent days. It’s exactly the place where the ‘Casino Royal’ was shot and where every experienced gambler would like to stay for good.