The Most Popular Types of Video Slots

Video slots were introduced to the audience in the mid-70s and immediately won the gamblers’ devotion.

Their mass popularity was obvious due to the fact that this sort of slots offered admirers a great deal of fun in combination with astonishing graphics.

Today, when someone expresses a desire to play video slots, they can find tons of free video slot machines here, same as at the whole variety of other online casinos.

The key point attracting such an enormous amount of players is that one can always pick a game they find the most appealing since video slots are distinguished by types.

Flat top and progressive slots

Up to recent times, the slot machines used to offer only a fixed jackpot. The fact is some of them still do. In gamblers’ circles, this type of machines is called flat top slots. These machines provide regular winning combinations for players, yet, one can’t expect to win big when playing them.

On the other hand, there’s another type of slots with progressive jackpots. The term progressive means that jackpot increases over time up to the moment when someone finally hits it. After that, it gets back to its starting value again. There are people who managed to win a couple of million dollars spinning the reels in progressive slots, which, no doubt, makes them more attractive for gamblers compared to the first type.

Loose and tight slots

Of course, such a division is somewhat subjective, not official. However, thousands of gamblers around the globe refer to these terms to distinguish the payout rates of the two. Thus, ‘loose’ type of machines offers more frequent winnings in comparison to the ‘tight’ one.

Naturally, a regular casino visitor can’t define whether a slot they play is loose or tight, since it’s just a matter of someone’s personal opinion. All of them are initially regarded as slots for experienced and beginner players, offering nearly equal percentage of payouts. And there are numerous cases when ‘tight’ ones appeared to be more profitable than the ‘loose’.

Class II and class III machines

Depending on a casino’s size, reputation, and average amount of visitors, its slots may be either referred to as class II or class III. To make things simple, class III is also called ‘Vegas-style’ class, while class II is usually found in smaller destinations.

One payline and multiple paylines

And finally, the visual slots are distinguished by the number of paylines they contain. Some traditional games choose to have only one payline in the middle of the reels. Yet, current tendency inclines the software developers towards the idea of adding more paylines to their products. There are games that boast from 25 to 50 paylines, offering some unique opportunities for players to get their winnings. Eventually, they became the undisputed favorites among gamblers worldwide.

Video slots are a great form of entertainment so it’s no wonder they are so widespread. After their appearance in the 70s, they saw some changes, but they still remain very popular among the gamblers worldwide.