Rubbish Clearance in UK Needed Now More Than Ever: Study by Clearabee and Populous

Clearabee, a top U.K based rubbish removal company conducted a survey to find out how much junk is stored in UK homes.

The survey was carried out on over 2000 people by research consultants Populous who questioned the participants on the quantity, type and the location of the junk.

The results of the survey, surprisingly, revealed that U.K homes stashed a lot of unwanted rubbish and junk in their homes to cover 4.8m2 of floor space. U.K households, on junk storage alone, were wasting £259 billion worth of space, which would otherwise be used for something more worthy.

The rubbish removal company noted that the waste, junk, and discarded items from UK homes if measured in square miles, would definitely exceed the size Edinburgh. The largest rubbish hoarders were from Hull, the North East of England and London with Edinburgh being one of the places with the lowest amount of junk hoarded.

Clearabee, through Populous, also noted that the residents of the United Kingdom spent well over $495 million every month to cater for the space used to store rubbish and clutter in their homes. Over 30% of the residents hoard junk and rubbish that would fill a small size bedroom, 8m2.

People that owned bigger homes like four to five bedrooms hoarded more junk—5.6m2 worth of junk per household. Well, this is the double the level of one bedroom homes (3.3m2). People, who had lived in their homes for over 15 years, had more junk accumulated over time as compared to those that had lived in their homes for periods shorter, particularly less than a year.

Notably, residents that shared houses had little clutter as compared to the ones that lived as complete families, who often accumulate the greatest amount of junk (4.9m2).

The following are the types of junk and waste found in most U.K homes according to the survey.

o Electrical equipment

o CDs and video tapes

o Old clothes

o Old magazines and newspapers

o Children’s toys

o Old furniture

o Packaging equipment

o Old exercise and keep fit equipment

The survey also revealed the following as the places where most junk is stored in homes.

o Attics

o Garages

o Sheds

o Under the stairways

o Under the beds and under the tables

o On the floor

The statistics were very alarming. It is a shame that most residents found it easier to hoard junk than try and find other better ways of getting rid of the clutter. Hoarding reduces both the living space and makes one feel untidy. If the area you are living in is not tidy enough, even the mind does not feel at ease.

Junk does not have to be hoarded, as many places would benefit from junk and clutter. Unwanted stuff in homes could be recycled and find their way to eBay or any service that does freecycling. Items that are reusable like furniture, toys, old clothes, magazines, electrical equipment and others could be donated to charity homes and shops. If you could not do all that, then contacting a firm like Clearabee would be very helpful

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