How to Create the Perfect Brand for Your Business

Branding is crucial for modern businesses.

Without a recognizable brand, you will struggle to stand out from the crowd.

Big companies have created million dollar businesses based on their brand. Imagine Apple without the instantly recognizable ‘apple’ or Nike without the ‘tick’.

It takes time, money, and effort to build a brand that needs no introduction, but if you want your brand to hit the right spot, you need to work smarter, not harder.

Here are some quick tips for building a great brand vision for your business.

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Design a Logo

A logo needs to convey meaning without text. Let’s use Apple as an example – their logo is an Apple, so irrespective of whether you love or hate the Apple brand, we all recognize the logo. Microsoft Windows is the same. The Windows logo is a small window, which tells you all you need to know. Words are irrelevant, which is the whole point of the exercise.

Keep it Simple

The best logos are nice and simple. Simple works well online, so try not to overcomplicate things when designing a company logo. Brainstorm some ideas and see what people come up with. There are plenty of logo builder tools online, so you don’t need to pay top dollar for a graphic designer to create a new company logo.

Shortlist any logo ideas you come up with and then start thinking about a tagline that fits your logo and business. Take Nike, for example. Their tagline “Just Do It” is inspirational and a good fit for what the Nike brand is all about. In fact, the slogan is almost as recognizable as the Nike logo.

Test Your Brand

Just because you think your ideas are great it doesn’t necessarily follow that anyone else will agree with you. It is sensible to do some preliminary testing with any new logo or slogans. Ask customers what they think and take any criticism on board. It is better to go back to the drawing board than spend a fortune on adding a new logo and slogan to printed marketing materials, only to discover it goes down like a lead balloon.

Make Sure Your Brand is Trustworthy

Trust is the foundation of a successful brand marketing campaign. If customers do not trust your brand, they won’t embrace it. Think carefully about what you want your brand to say. Are you claiming to be a reliable plumber or a quality bathroom installer? Happy customers are a key part of the brand building exercise, so don’t shoot yourself in the foot by failing to deliver on a key brand promise. If you say you are the best at something, you better not let people down.

Branding needs to be a part of every piece of marketing material you put out there, online and offline. You want people to connect your brand with the company, so be memorable and keep it simple. The best brands say it without words, so make sure your brand is one of them.