How science and technology have tried to beat the system

Some people who visit the casino are there for one reason and one reason only; to beat the dealer and take home some money.

Some rely on skill or luck to achieve this, whereas others use more unsavoury methods to get the upper hand.

Scams and cheating have been around for as long as gaming has existed, from complex signalling and techniques like card counting all the way to using physics to try and predict the spinning patterns of a roulette wheel. Some cheaters have entered the mainstream, such as the MIT blackjack team who were so successful they even got their own movie. Others have faded into obscurity, such as slot machine cheat Tommy Glenn Carmichael who used a simple but effective piece of technology; a coin on a piece of string.

It wasn’t until the 1970s that cheaters starting implementing technology and science into their tactics. Signalling to a stooge when looking at a dealer’s or other players hand for example was a common fiddle, with a great portrayal of a complex Morse Code system portrayed in the film Casino.

Card counting is another classic and well known example of a questionable strategy, with players using a system to keep track of which cards have come out of the shoe to generate a rough idea of whether the next card will be favourable or not. This is based on simple mathematics and probability and is easy to master with a bit of practice, but is frowned upon heavily. Players caught card counting can face bans.

Mathematicians seem to be fascinated with the numbers behind the games, with concepts like the odds theory applied to games to help players make an informed decision based on which cards are already in play or have been recently drawn. Some scientists even applied the chaos theory, with favourable results after some trial and error.

Using technology to gain an advantage is getting easier too. With smartphones in almost everyone’s pockets and things like miniature cameras becoming very cheap, unsavoury players have unbridled communication with associates via text message and aids like mobile phone notepads and cameras to help them keep track of drawn cards, spy on other players hands or even get one over on the dealer. Some places ban smartphones at the tables, but with more players than croupiers and security staff on busy evenings, it can sometimes be easy to cheat without attracting attention.

Online gaming may take away some of the easier ways to cheat, but that doesn’t mean clever strategies to make money can’t be applied. Virtual slot machines are better than those found at the casino for a number of reasons. Apart from looking better and boasting more features, the return to player percentages are higher, thanks to online providers not having to pay for the expensive overheads that you’ll find in a real-life casino. This improved chance of winning mixed with a solid strategy will not only increase playing time, but also give players a bigger chance of winning the jackpot, some of which can be in the millions. Online slot website Slots of Vegas has produced an excellent guide that highlights the best casino slots tips and tricks to help you decide which approach to take when trying to be successful. All of the tips provided are perfectly legal and they leave you with a brilliant chance of making a tidy profit.

With a few techniques and strategies, players can instantly boost their chances of coming away with some money, but precautions must be taken. If a strategy seems too good to be true, it probably is, with bans or even prosecution for players that are caught cheating. Stick to using your brain over the easy way and you should stand a better chance of winning in the long run.