How Can an EV Charging Station Help Your Business?

As more people begin to enjoy cleaner and greener electric vehicles, the need for charging stations is growing rapidly.

In the past, electric vehicles were scarce few refueling options were available to the average consumer.

However, with recent surges in alternative energy and more brands stepping up to offer EV charging solutions, there has never been a better time to invest in a level 2 charging station.

EV charging station

Endless Benefits for your Business

The benefits that EV chargers offer to your company are numerous — from offering convenience to your employees and clients to making extra revenue through subtle but consistent charge fees. Let’s take a look at them below.

  • Attract new customers to your business or store by offering free or reduced-price charging.
  • Retain your valuable employees by offering free charging at work.
  • Utilize “dwell time” to connect with consumers while they are waiting for their vehicles to charge.
  • Offer customized advertising and personalized messages to clients who visit and interact with your charging stations.
  • Offer discounts or free loyalty charges to customers who frequently visit your store.

Tom Moloughney, owner of Nauna’s Bella Casa restaurant in Montclair, New Jersey, shared his insight recently with the Huffington Post when he stated “Many of the people that come to plug in and eat tell me they only came to Nauna’s because of the (recently installed) chargers in the parking lot, and that they didn’t know of the restaurant before finding it on their EV charging app.”

This proves that even small businesses like eateries and standalone kiosks can greatly benefit from an EV station, perhaps even more so than big brands.

How your Clients and Employees can benefit from a Level 2 Charging Station

As a successful business, it’s important to ensure that your clients and employees are satisfied in every way. This helps your business operations run smoothly, effectively and lucratively. An EV charging station is ideal for enhancing this, as visitors and workers will never have to worry about waiting in line at public charging points or having enough electricity to get home.

Instead, you can offer free or fixed charging sessions for each visitor, ensuring that you maintain control over how much electricity you provide, while offering a fantastic benefit that only a select few other businesses currently offer.

Choosing whether to offer free, subsidized or standard charging can also make a big difference, as each offers a unique set of benefits.

  • Free Charging: While many will appreciate a free charge while out and about, it can also run the risk of individuals “camping out” your station selfishly. However, free does attract customers, and if you are seeking to bring in more foot traffic, then this is an ideal option.
  • Subsidized Charging: This option brings together the best of both worlds. Similarly to subsidized parking, you can reduce or waive the cost of charges to any customers who actually purchases something at your store or eats at your restaurant. This saves you from the cost of offering free charges to anybody, but offers your actual customers an extra kickback for their patronage.
  • Standard Charging: While standard charging doesn’t offer as many benefits as the previous two options, it can certainly save your business on electricity costs and still cater to those who would like to charge their vehicles while visiting or working.

Enjoy Rebates offered by your State

Finally, because many of the states and governing bodies are seeking to promote electric vehicles and alternative energy solutions, rebates are available for EV charging stations almost everywhere in the country. All you have to do is find out if your state offers rebates and find the option that suits you best. In some states, you can get up to 30 percent back when you install a level 2 charging station. Other states offer smart incentives that are attracting new station owners from all walks of life. From restaurant owners in New Jersey to shopping centers in Cape Cod, many individuals and business owners are getting in on the action and stepping forward into a brighter, cleaner future.

So next time you are considering whether to install an EV charging station at your business, store or restaurant, consider these fantastic benefits. Unlike gas stations, EV stations don’t require expensive infrastructure or large plots of land, but can instead be installed in your parking lot, your driveway, or even on the side of the road outside your store. The world is rapidly moving towards becoming truly fossil fuel-free, and investing in EV stations early on will only net you greater benefits.