Everyone knows they should gamble responsibly – but is it easier said than done?

Every advert around is constantly reminding us to play responsibly, and there are good reasons for this.

All the people who contribute to the global online gambling market which is worth over $4.7 billion know that playing online casino games is a fun and gratifying experience. But these players would be wise to implement systems before starting, so that they can ensure that their time spent playing remains pleasurable. Remember that beginning to play games without giving yourself a clear set of guidelines could take you down the wrong path.

Responsible gaming should be easy, if you use a bit of common sense. For instance, if you like to play slot machines, make sure you are playing at a reputable operator where the machines adhere to the percentage return to player which is advertised on the game. Rogue casinos are known to be dishonest and unaccountable, which is not a good combination for naïve players – avoid these sites like the plague. Responsible gambling when playing online slot machines also means making sure it remains a fun activity. If you start to play with money you can’t afford to lose or it affects your work and family life, you must walk away.

To avoid spending too much money on the slots, set yourself a daily limit to spend, and don’t go over that. Calculate the amount of spins you can get for say, $10, and then walk away after completing that number. If you have made some money, then good. And if you are on zero at the end, at least you have only lost $10. It’s also a good idea to shop around for promotions and see which sites are offering free spins, this can be an excellent way of playing without spending any of your own money but still enjoying the thrill.

If you’re new to online gaming and want to make sure you avoid rogue sites, then read this beginners guide first. It is imperative to learn how to recognize reputable operators, test games for free, and seek out the most generous sign-up bonuses. Joining multiple sites is a good idea as well, as you can take advantage of all the first deposit matches and free spins.

But how should you budget for this, when it is mainly done for pleasure rather than as a necessity to your existence? One way could be to work out how much you spend each week on other forms of entertainment, and decide what you could cut out to make room for some gambling action without feeling guilty. There are great ways to save on everyday costs – buying in stores is four times more costly than online, for instance. Remember to make sure that you budget your salary for the essentials first, and then see how much is left over for the pleasurable things.

Finally, another way to make sure you continue to gamble responsibly is to talk to other players. Find out about the habits of others and then make sure that your routines fit with the regular model. Gaming should always fill you with merriment. If you find that you aren’t relishing it, walk away immediately.