Do Online Businesses Need Facebook To Be Competitive?

Nowadays it’s extremely common for businesses to have strong social media presences.

One of the most popular social media platforms is Facebook and a lot of online enterprises have taken the opportunity to benefit from everything that Facebook has to offer by creating their own pages and groups.

It’s hard to find reasons why companies would opt against using Facebook as a way to increase their growth in the highly competitive online business world.

First of all, Facebook is one of, if not, the most popular social networking platforms around to date. It’s built up its reputation over a number of years and sees growth year on year. You will find that over 80% of online enterprises have some form of involvement with the site, due to how effective it can be at marketing and helping companies connect with their customers. Not only that, but as its reach is on a global scale, it can help bring in new customers too.

Facebook is also well known for driving an incredible amount of social media referral traffic. Obviously, being active in more than one platform is of great benefit but Facebook has been streets ahead of the majority for a while and continues to be going forward. It’s a source of traffic that will give you a solid base to build up from, and even though it shouldn’t be your only source; it should be one that it utilised properly as it can give you the best results.

What Facebook also does well is that it allows companies to connect with their audience far greater than other social networking sites. It’s actually geared towards business and customer interaction in a sense and it can play a hugely important role in helping a company engage with their customers. For example, a post could be made to gage the reaction of customers in regard to a new product or service. People will respond in real time, giving feedback and the company can then take this on board. Also, special offers or discounts could be advertised for users of the social media network to take advantage of too.

In terms of examples of just how effective Facebook can be, you could look at an online casino and betting sites such as Unibet. The gambling industry is extremely competitive, there are numerous betting and online casino sites out there all vying for custom. Unibet Casino has a strong social media presence. On their page they look to engage customers through the use of well thought out videos, pictures, information and stats. Not only that, but a lot of their posts are open ended in a way that encourages people to comment and get involved in conversation. They employ great social media techniques, so no wonder the company is continually on the rise.

When Facebook is used properly, it can be highly effective in making an online business extremely competitive in its sector. Not only that but people expect to see companies on social media sites these days, they want to be able to interact with them. It not only allows for marketing and advertising but also for customer engagement and that is possibly the most important thing.