Can a Ph.D. boost my career?

Given the condition of the job market, it isn’t too uncommon to reconsider your decision of getting a Ph.D., but the question is, would it really be the right move?

As it happens, people who have second thoughts about getting a Ph.D. are usually the ones who have not yet taken that decision or those that are currently in the middle of completing their grueling course.

On the other hand, the ones who never complain or regret their decision are the ones who have actually completed their doctorates in a chosen field.

It doesn’t matter what your field is, a Ph.D. invariably boosts your career, especially in the long run.

In case you are still not sure, here are a few points which will help you come to a decision.

You Will Earn More

Students who take the time out to earn their doctorate degree generally earn a lot more than the ones who only have a master’s degree, and that’s a fact. The difference in pay ranges from a mild 7% to a whopping 33% in some fields. Even though a Ph.D. will take up more time as well as money and it might seem more practical to just get a job after getting your master’s degree, you will eventually earn a lot more if you completed your education by getting that doctorate.

You Will Have More Value

The academic advantage itself is a reason to be valued more in any field, but in industrial research and development, employees with a Ph.D. are considered to be company assets. If you happen to have completed your Ph.D. in any of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields, you will feel the boost in pay and status immediately.

You Will Have More Opportunities for Growth

As you rise through the ranks at your place of work, you will realize that while getting a master’s degree definitely opens up your career to a lot of opportunities, a doctorate takes it even further. This results in greater job satisfaction for a longer period of time because your growth opportunities do not end at the same place where most other‘s do.

You Will Write Better

It’s just a fact that anyone who has written something as tough as a Ph.D. dissertation and managed to make it good enough to pass is a good writer. In general, completing a PhD equates to an incredible amount of writing, researching, compiling and presenting; all of which contributes towards making you an expert on the subject and, more importantly, it enables you to become adept at delivering the knowledge you have to others, and that’s an essential job skill which lacks in most people, even when they have expert knowledge on a given subject.

Perhaps the best part about completing your Ph.D. nowadays is the fact that you can do it online. By choosing to enroll yourself with one of the Touro University online doctorate programs, you can not only take advantage of all the career opportunities which a Ph.D. opens up but you will be able to do it while holding a job at the same time, thanks to the flexible nature of online programs.

Has a Ph.D. boosted your career? Let us know in the comments.