Busting Myths About Playing Online Casinos With Live Dealers

If you have for once sat in front of a television set, you also must have noticed the unstoppable popularity of online gaming websites and casinos for the years past.

Either would you barely complete a browsing section online without coming across a casino advert that promises you great fortunes without doing anything to earn it?

Come to think of it, isn’t this industry meant for those people that have nothing important to do in life and have a lot of time on their hands? Actually, the story has changed and you are WRONG.

With the continual growth of technology these days, the massive interactive experience that these online sites provide easily replaces the real life venues, and everyone irrespective of their backgrounds can be a part of this. Games like scatter slot serve as an example.

However, taking a closer look at things, most players of the online games still get sceptical on their first encounter with a new game. Most especially when the game has a live dealer, which we can find in every second online nowadays.

Which myths got busted?

Let’s take a closer look at a few busted myths about playing online games with live dealers:

  • Tighter bonuses: Having compared the worth of bonuses given by live dealers (generated by software and random number generators) and the ones offered by real life dealers, it came to our attention that the former proves to be more generous and often. You can confirm this by reading through the terms and conditions of the site you are planning to play in and you will see the value of bonuses they give is good due to the house edge of the casino games you can use it on.
  • Rigged games: It might be actually smart for us all to think that in Live roulette games, a recorded clip of the spinning balls is played as the croupier sets the wheel into motion and then the casino operator would select a clip that does not favour all the bets (one that the winning number is not what any of the players wagered on) made by the players in that round. Well, this is not true because the venues of live casinos are covered with cameras and the prying eyes of the players monitoring the activities of the dealers.
  • Unfavourable rules for players: It is also common among spectators to think that the casinos place certain rules on each game that in one way or the other do not favour the winning players. And as a result, this reduces the player’s’ outcomes to the nearest minimum while giving the venue a house edge. This also isn’t true. All registered have a body that governs and monitors the activities and house edge, which means they stand a great chance of losing their license if they rig games to favour the house.
  • Dealers commission: Another myth about Live Casinos is that the dealers and croupier get commissions from every loss the players bare or they get paid for how long they can keep a player in the game. This is not so. They all are trained and get their standard rates irrespective of the outcome of games.

These are just a few of the busted myths about Live Casinos, there are a lot more. We shouldn’t be bothered about such myths once we select trusted online casinos to play at.