8 factors to consider while choosing a driving school

Driving is a serious activity that requires adequate preparation and practice.

Without proper guidance, a new driver is at risk of making the wrong decisions on the road, failing a road test, or worse, hurting themselves, passengers and pedestrians.

There are a number of reliable and well-known driving schools in Birmingham and other parts of the UK that have highly skilled instructors on board, to provide you with proper training and help you pass your driving test in the first attempt.

Let’s have a look at some of the important factors that you should consider while choosing a driving school.


As per the state law, driving schools must be accredited and qualified to offer driving lessons. Make sure that the driving school you choose meets that standard and has got all the necessary licenses, certifications, etc.


A reliable driving schools will always be willing to tailor their services to your comfort and the way you learn. For example, some of the new drivers are quite nervous and unsure of themselves, while others may be overconfident. An experienced driving instructor will be able to tell the difference and make sure that all sorts of people succeed in their driving goals.

Pick-up & Drop-off

Look for a driving school that offers pick-up and drop-off facility. This way you will be able to save a lot of your time, money and efforts that are spent in travelling.

Success rate

A good driving school will have a high success rate when it comes to people passing their driving test in the first or second attempt. You can ask such details over the phone or go through the driving school’s website to know more about this.


You want a driving instructor that is right for you. Most of the times, this is difficult to know until after the first driving lesson, but the right driving instructor will teach you how to drive and improve your confidence behind the wheel. You should feel like you are making progress after each driving lesson.

Also, it is important for a driving school to run a background check on their instructors. You can have a word with your instructor before he starts with the training. If you are not comfortable with an instructor, you can ask the school to allocate a new instructor.


It is important to review the driving school’s website or get in touch with the owner over the phone to learn about whether it offers services matching exactly what you are looking for.


Don’t forget to have a look at the condition of vehicles at the driving facility. Ask your driving instructor to offer you lessons on a car that is similar to the one you will be driving later on. Also, check out the cars for all the safety features, for example, seat belts, air bags, etc.


Check out the reviews of the driving school on its website or other social media platforms. If possible, try talking to some of the previous customers of the driving school and get to know their personal experiences. This should pretty much shape your opinion.

If you consider the above-mentioned factors, you are highly likely to find a driving school that is the right fit for you. Hope you find this article informative and helpful.